Turmeric has been the vital part of Indian face masks since skincare has come into existence. No face mask is devoid of turmeric for its fabulous healing properties. Where turmeric has been the most common yet the most important part of a perfect face mask in Indian skincare regime, aloe vera gel has its own prominence as the one & only natural ingredient with multiple roles in skin wellness arena.

To combine the wonderful benefits of the two bombs of skin care industry, i.e. Turmeric & Aloevera Gel, Deyga has come forth with an innovative face mask gel with the rich golden spice, turmeric, as its hero ingredient & aloevera gel as its co-star.

This face mask gel is suitable for all skin types due to its selective ingredients carefully chosen to formulate this lethal combination so that it can benefit to each & everyone out there, in the best way possible.

What makes Turmeric & Aloevera Gel a bomb combination?

Well, turmeric contains ‘Curcumin’, a bioactive component which has got potent anti-inflammatory properties along with loads of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals present in your skin, thus reducing pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles in a long run. Turmeric also imparts a healthy glow on your face.

Aloevera is a fulfilling pack of 75 active ingredients including vitamins A, C, E, B12, essential amino acids, fatty acids and choline which are all the necessary nutrients to nourish your skin from within & keep it hydrated for a long time.

Aloevera imparts beauty in various ways. It consists of anti-inflammatory properties that radically cure the problem of itching & battles breakouts with ease.

Its moisturizing effect makes it a must choice to prevent dryness of skin in unruly weather conditions.

Besides turmeric & aloevera gel, this ready to use face mask gel contains vegetable glycerin which is a boon for people with dry skin. It makes skin utterly butterly soft & supple.

Benefits of Turmeric Aloevera face mask gel;

  • Imparts healthy glow on your face
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Abates premature aging signs
  • Battles acnes & dry patches with ease
  • Retains hydration in skin

Pamper yourself once a week with this ready to use ‘Turmeric aloevera face mask gel’ & feed your skin right with the best natural products sourced afresh from the serene farm of Deyga. You can get this face mask gel from the official website of Deyga Organics on special discount if you make your first purchase right now! Stay Glowing.