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Our astrological sign says a lot about our personality, also it turns out that it says a lot about the way we decorate as well. Are you curious to see which sign is more tidy and which one more bohemian? What colors are most attractive for your astrological sign? Keep reading to discover the astrological impact over your decorative style and tell us if it’s true.



Capricorns are discipline, down to earth characters that attract minimalist interiors with earthly tones like gray and green. Their families push them towards comfortable spaces with a sense of tradition, therefore their minimalist tendencies aren’t strict. Capricorns like to show objects that reflect their interest like graphics, books or well-equipped bars.



Aquarius attract the most modern designs and high-tech gadgets that ease up their lives. Their aesthetics is often monochromatic and they enjoy lightness. They appreciate well-designed sculpture and feel most comfortable in wide spaces flooded with natural lights.



Pisces are bohemians in the soul, which reflects their interior as well. They want diversity in their interior and art, that will inspire their spirit. Pisces enjoy in meditative rooms with scented candles and windows who bring them back to nature.



Aries have blazing personality and love fiery colors like red and orange. Their dynamic personality draws them to spectacular kitchens, where they show their advanced cooking skills. Because they are spontaneous, they tend to get messy from time to time.



Taurus have sensual personality, with a penchant for fun, romance and art. They value luxurious, comfortable and traditional pieces, whether is antique sideboards or soft fur. Their love for music, often makes them invest in music system or a piano.



Social and vivid, Gemini’s want to have fun. Their homes often include large spaces, made in a way that encourages conversation and large dinner parties. It’s traditional that their sigh display things in pairs. They are fond for clean and modern lines, but their space is always alive.



Cancer’s are sentimental beings that love their home. They attract more calm rooms than decorated, filled with objects that have a “story” behind them. Thus, in their home they tend to include many family treasures with personal photos. The space is always warm, pleasant and welcoming, with cool silver color’s which are their favorite.



Leo is an entertainer at heart. Because by nature they are family oriented, they are always ready to host large groups and to throw big dinner parties. The Leo, proudly displays through out the home their travel souvenirs in an elegant and refined way.



Virgo are extremely organized and minimalist creatures. They have an aversion for disorder. Their decor is a testimonial to it’s practical nature, which means they are always neat. Virgo often sees the home as a peaceful place, where they nurture the body and the soul. You can always find things like air purifier, massage chairs, exercise machines or cervical pillows.



Libra has a taste for quality workmanship and excellent design. They don’t hesitate to buy pieces that they like. Their harmonious nature guaranties that space is always well balanced, organized and timelessly elegant. The Libra prefers subtle and cool palette of colors, in open large and bright spaces.



Scorpio is a private and mysterious astrological sign, that attract dramatic premises. Their homes, in like of boudoir are mostly covered with luxurious fabrics like velvet and marble. They see their home like shelter from the outside world, where they can develop their passion.



Sagittarius has adventurous nature and their spaces are mostly organized with tourist treasures and exotic elements. Their style is electric and simple, but always comfortable. They like to party and unlike others, they do it on a noninvasive way.