Designer bags come and go, but some keep their shine over the decades. In fact, some bags can be a better investment than arguably anything else that can be the piece of your fashion outlook. In today’s article, we will list the classic bag models that have been loved by fashionistas around the world since the day they were born.

Choosing which designer bag to invest in is not always easy, the market is full of goodies that catch the eye so easy. In an attempt to clear all your doubts, here are seven models that you simply can never go wrong with.

Jack Georges Milano Collection Shoulder Bag


Simple, elegant and a perfect choice for any occasion. The trendiest model according to successful handbag retailer Got Briefcases and possibly the one that will never go out of style in the near future. According to the legend, the idea for this design was born when actress Jane Birkin ended up near Hermès CEO on a flight between Paris and London. Jane dropped the contents out of her bag and began to complain that there was no good bag model on the market.

Jane sketched her dream bag on paper and in 1984 the first Hermès Birkin was launched. Since then, numerous bags were created in the same style as the legendary model that has become something of a symbol for exclusivity and good taste. Today, models such as Jack Georges Milano Handbag are a better investment than both gold and shares.

The price tag starts around $200 and can extend far higher if, for example, the bag is of some special leather. In any case, whatever your desires and style may be, this model is guaranteed to complement any occasion in the future.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag


Channel 2.55 has a special place in every fashionistas heart. Mademoiselle Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel got tired of having to carry bags in her hand and longed for something that could casually hang over her shoulder. Coco, therefore, designed the Chanel 2.55 bag with shoulder chain launched in February 1955 (hence the name). Wearing shoulder straps is a matter of course for women today, thanks to Mademoiselle Chanel.

Model 2.55 is characterized by the square lock on which Chanel stands and the burgundy colored inner leather (which should have been inspired by Coco’s childhood years in Catholic monastery). This model lost in popularity a lot when the Chanel Classic Flap bag was launched in the 1980s, but surprisingly saw a rise in 2005 and was then named Chanel Reissue 2.55, a model that nearly every lady desires to own.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag


Chanel’s Classic Flap bag is similar to Chanel 2.55 and the two bag models are often mistaken for each other. One can describe the Classic Flap bag as an extension of 2.55 when Karl Lagerfeldt upgraded 2.55 in the 1980s with a new design that came to be a Classic Flap bag.

The classic “CC” was put on the lock and a leather chain was added. Even the skin looks different and “softer” on the flap bag than at 2.55. The bag has only grown in popularity since the 1980s and can today be sold for tens of thousands of dollars in the second!

Gucci Jackie O’ Bag


As the name reveals, this hobo bag is named after former President Jackie O’ Kennedy. In fact, the bag, which was first called The Constance in the 1950s, was renamed Jackie in 1961 (the same year that Jackie O ‘Kennedy moved into the White House). The reason why the bag was renamed after the president’s wife is that she used it so much that the model began to be associated with her.

Like Chanel 2.55, Jackie’s popularity fell after a few years in the hot air, and in 1999, then creative director Tom Ford re-launched the bag. In 2009, the bag’s design was slightly updated and renamed New Jackie by Freida Gianinni. Today, the bag is iconic and one of the fashion house’s biggest sales successes.

Mulberry Bayswater Bag


Bayswater is a bit of a modern classic when the bag was designed by Nicholas Knightly who took up the fashion house in 2002. The designer bag fits well with the fashion house’s origins and has put an appreciated stamp on British design. Bayswater is slightly like Hermès Birkin, but should not be mistaken for being the same.

Mulberry has been careful in marketing Bayswater as a modern and urban bag, inspired by the district with the same name in London. Bayswater is a multicultural area in London with traditional architecture. In other words, urban meets classical and you can even blend for example modern hair accessories like the one found on with this model without any problems. Exactly what Nicholas Knightly wanted to achieve from this model that he labeled as “The model of tomorrow”.

Dior Lady Bag


The bag, which came to the world in 1995, has literally become a real princess bag. Lady Dior, who had no definite name from the beginning, was named after Princess Diana when she received the bag as a gift from France’s then-presidential wife, Bernadette Chirac. Princess Diana fell for the bag and ordered it in all versions that existed.

When Diana carried the bag several times during that year, Dior has chosen to name the bag as “Lady Dior” in 1996. With her royal status and her unique appearance, Lady Dior has become one of the best-selling designer bags of all time, and each copy is created by hand.

Céline Classic Box Bag


Simple and timeless – that is how Célines Classic Box Bag can be described in three words. The “hard” shape gives the bag a lovely vintage feel – which is perhaps the reason why so many loved the bag since it came in the 1970s.

When Pheobe Philo took over Céline in 2008, she made it one of her assignments to update the bag model (whose great potential she saw). Little adjustments here and there and a new variant of the Classic Box Bag was released in 2009. Since then, it has been a true favorite among many.

In Conclusion:


With classics, you can never go wrong. That has been said for movies, books and of course legendary designer bags. Ask any true fashionista that is the proud owner of one and she will tell you that such an investment is more pleasant than all the gold that you can acquire in the world.

For whatever is worth, even saving some money on the side to eventually get one in the future will certainly be the sweetest treat and compliment to both your style and wardrobe for many decades to come.