Would wine connoisseurs go to any place on earth for taking a sip of this classy beverage? Are you one and planning a wine tour anytime soon? Here are some fantastic tips that would guide you with your next wine tour.

A wine tour is an absolute must in any connoisseurs ‘Been there, made that’ list. With wineries from around the globe, offering wine and experience to enthusiasts, tourism is seemingly building around this industry. Whether you are an old lover or a new connoisseur, wine tasting is undoubtedly one of the classiest things on earth.

Wine tasting has become more of an experience than an activity. Lounging in a vineyard, somewhere amidst the lush olive valleys of the Italian countryside, enjoying a taste of the toast of Tuscany – who wouldn’t want that. Quiet different from sitting in a restaurant and sipping wine and wondering how to plan your next wine tour? Here are 6 top tips for creating the best wine tour for you.

Choosing your destination


The problem is, you have a myriad of places to choose. Beautiful vineyards of Tuscany or lusty Moores of Bulgaria? It could be overwhelming. So, first of all, narrow down your haul. Different regions offer different varieties of wine. Picking a place first makes the travel more organized. Do your research before deciding on a home. Having a scratch-off map by your side is not a bad idea either. Besides being a fun activity, it also helps you keep track of the places you have been. You are wondering where to find one? Get your scratch off map in amazon and get it delivered to you in no time!

Pick a country first. And gradually narrow down to particular places. Start with countrysides if possible. They offer a great experience along with good wine. Local guides and blogs can provide you with all the information you need.

Book in advance


It is a universal rule for any tour. Planning saves a lot of last-minute hustle. Inquiring about a destination at the last minute can often end up in disappointment. Thanks to increasing tourism, wineries are booked all around the year.

So make your bookings way ahead in time at least a month in advance. Refer to blogs and travel sites, and build your itinerary accordingly. It ensures a smooth trip and having your reservations pre-booked also avoids a crowd.

Dine from a Local Menu


Local wines and authentic local cuisine make a great pair. Locals know what goes well with what. Fine dining is an inevitable part of wine tours. Adding this to your itinerary makes sure you have a great overall experience.

A wine tour doesn’t necessarily mean drinking all day on an empty stomach. Plan a visit to some local eateries in between your tasting schedules. Something like, ‘Wine and dine’?

Update your wine diction


Speak fluent wine. Going all ‘Surprise Me’ is not a good idea when planning for a wine tour. Know your wine. Get acquainted with the terminology and know the basics. Keeping a ‘Beginners guide to drinking wine’ in your bag can come in handy at times.

Being a peculiar beverage, wine can be confusing at times. From handling to serving even selecting the right glasses, wine connoisseurs are particular about these small things. You should know how to pick out pesky faults and appreciate vintage wine at the same time. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional, but a few important facts can be really helpful on a wine tour.

Drink and drive?


Wineries are usually located in regions with undulated topography. If you are planning to go around on foot, maybe you should reconsider. These are vast acres of beautiful yards covered with bushes and shrubs. Hiring an off-road vehicle is a great option.

If you are travelling in a group, hire a local cab and a driver who can show you around places and also fill in the information. Keep in mind the language barrier as well. And if you are travelling with a deadline, public transport can be unreliable. Doesn’t matter if you spit or swallow, it is not wise to drink and drive even. Sitting and relaxing whilst a local chauffeurs you around, wouldn’t it be lovely?

Spit or Swallow?


“Wine is the answer…but what was the question?”

Swirl, sniff, sip, swish and spit…or swallow. It is called wine tasting, for a reason. You take a sip of the beverage and let the flavour burst in your mouth. The rest depends on you. Love the taste, take it in. Otherwise, have a spit bucket or as they call it – a ‘spittoon’ by your side.

It is essential to draw a fine line between tasting and drinking.

It’s not a liquor buffet. You might be tempted to drink it all, but that would ruin the essence of the trip. So go ahead, take a sip, enjoy it. The trick is to get a little tipsy but not precisely drunk.

Are you looking for a luxe experience? Ready to go to places where dinner is poured into a magnificent glass? Well, life is busy, but there’s always time for a glass of wine.