An air conditioner comes in handy when the weather gets extremely hot or cold. The AC system needs to be maintained on a regular basis just like any other home appliance. If you don’t take care of the air conditioner, it will eventually start to malfunction, which could cause the appliance to consume a lot of energy. At the end of it all, the AC will cause you to pay high power bills. Besides that, lack of routine maintenance will shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner. There is also the risk of getting air bone diseases such as asthma and allergies. You can avoid such problems by using the tips below to ensure that your AC unit functions efficiently.

  1. Clean or Replace the Filters

There are basically two types of filters that are used in air conditioners; replaceable and non replaceable. If your AC unit comes with a non replaceable filter, you just have to clean it with running water. But before you get started with the cleaning exercise, it’s important you switch off the power from the mains socket to ensure you are not at risk of being electrocuted while dismantling the AC. Once the power is turned off, you can proceed by cleaning with water so that you can remove all the accumulated dirt and debris. If your model comes with a replaceable filter, you should change it at least once every 3 months. Remember, clogged filters cause air to flow slowly which in return causes the AC to use more power.

  1. Wash the External Condenser

A typical air conditioner features an external condenser unit that’s normally located outside the house. The condenser has an enclosed compartment that houses a fan. The role of the fan is to draw hot air out of the house. It’s therefore important you wash the condenser unit with water. In fact, you should remove the casing so that you can clean the interior to remove any dirt and grime that might have accumulated.

  1. Trim the Bushes Next to the Outdoor Unit

Quite often, it’s the leaves from the plants that grow nearby that cause the outdoor unit to be clogged. It’s therefore advisable that you trim such bushes to ensure that their leaves don’t get logged into the chamber of the outdoor unit. You can keep clogging at bay by always maintaining a clear path of at least 2 feet all around the outdoor condenser.

  1. Observe the Components and Cables

Although air conditioners break down without a warning, sometimes you can detect a technical problem long before it happens by just observing the compartment of the unit. Once you have removed the outer casing, you should look around to see if there are any abnormalities such as swollen capacitors and loose wire connections. Since you can’t fix such problems by yourself, you should have the unit assessed by a qualified technician.

  1. Schedule for Routine Maintenance

By the rule of the thumb, your AC unit should be maintained at least twice in a year by an experienced technician. But before you allow any air conditioning Sydney technician to work on your unit, you should confirm that they have a license. You should also look at their reviews on the internet. The advantage of routine maintenance is that it helps in preventing partial damages from worsening.