As per 2019, the Nike brand is estimated to have a value of $32.4 billion. From the introduction of the Air Max 87 to the Air Max 2012, Nike has ensured they make us walk comfortably. The lineage of the Nike air max comes in various forms.

We’ve come up with the best among the Nike air max sneakers that you should have on your shelves.

Below are the five best Nike air max sneakers of all time.

1. Air Max Plus (Nike Air Max TN)

This was the first running shoe that used the Tuned Air Technology of Nike. This technology contained a system of single pods, which jingled to various foot areas.

The air max plus has a sweet color gradient on its upper side. It also has a plastic toe guard. These Nike sneakers were quite popular in the hip-hop scene of the UK.

2. Nike Air Max 97

The Nike air max 97 has a design inspired by nature. It was the first of its type to have a hidden lacing system.

Also, the Nike air max 97 was the first to feature a one-piece, full-length bubble. This air max bubble went through the whole shoe. This made it have an undeniable style and comfort.

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3. Nike Air Max 2011

This Nike sneaker is rated the best running shoe since it was launched. It has a full-length 360-degree Hyperfuse and Air Unit. It’s comfortable with less weight and increased breathability.

Nike Air Max 2011 has an appealing design making it a top performer.

4. Air Max 270 (Nike Air Max 93)

This shoe was named air max 270 because it had an air unit with 270 degrees. It provided more protection since it allowed more air.

The Nike air max 93 was manufactured through blow molding. This process involves injecting gas through a tube. This makes the plastic form into a mold.

The air max 270 was the first air max that had a neoprene sock liner and a colored Air Unit. It proved Nike’s determination to manufacture sneakers fit for runners.

5. Nike Air Max 96

The air max 96 is a highly underrated classic. To date, it’s among the most sought-after and exclusive originals.

The air max has various tunings of its bags at 5 PSI and 25 PSI. This sneaker provides supreme comfort and stability throughout its heel. Most people propose that this Nike air max sneaker be brought back.

Make Your Shoe Collection Unique By Adding These Nike Air Max Sneakers

The lineage of the Nike Air Max is long and comes in different forms. Most of these Nike air max sneakers are made for runners.

The process of manufacturing these Nike air max sneakers makes them have a unique feel. The Nike Air Max Technology is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable due to its absorbing and air conditioning impact. The above collection of Nike air max sneakers use the Nike air max technology.

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