In recent years, wigs have begun to change drastically in the fashion world. Thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé, wig-wearing has gone from only something your grandma does, to a norm on the red carpet. So, what’s caused this change in the fashion industry? Let’s talk about some of the reasons we are seeing this new trend, and why it’s becoming a must for maximizing your look!

  • Gone are the days of detectable wigs. Due to new technologies and engineering, the construction of human hair wigs is actually pretty incredible. There are now tons of different ways that wig manufacturers have made them more comfortable and realistic from monofilament caps (made by tying or sewing hair to a sheer material) to caps with open panels to allow for breathability to keep you cool!
  • Lace front features have become a huge hit. A lace frontal is a thin lace material that runs along the hairline of the wig, making it virtually impossible to tell that it’s not your natural hairline. These wig types actually started out in Hollywood, with actors and actresses needing to change their hair seamlessly to play their roles. Shortly after, people began wearing them for daily use because they looked so natural.
  • Another reason everyone is loving human hair is the volume and density, or even length and color that they don’t have with natural hair. So, if you want those long blonde bombshell curls you’ve always dreamed of but just don’t have the thick hair to pull it off, now you can! It’s actually really fun once you start to wear them. You can get kind of addicted to changing up your look on the regular, and getting to have any color and style you can dream of at your fingertips!
  • Speaking of color, colored wigs with darker roots are a trend we are beginning to see popping up everywhere. And in every color of the rainbow. These wigs are actually usually synthetic hair, but look and feel so much like human hair it’s very hard to tell. Many synthetic hair wigs are even made with fiber that that lets you STYLE them with hot tools. And it’s easy to see why these wigs are becoming so popular, colored wigs have an edge that you just can’t get without committing to that color for the long haul with your natural hair. Better still, wearing a colored wig keeps your natural hair healthy without having to bleach, bleach, and bleach again to get it light enough to get the bright color you want. So, no regrets!

Check out some of these human hair wigs on from (and yes, these really are wigs!)


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This is a 100% Remy human hair lace front wig called Blake Exclusive by Jon Renau. Remy hair is the best type of human hair because it’s hair with the cuticle layers running in the same direction, so this healthy and soft hair is less likely to tangle, meaning it’s super healthy and soft. Notice how the hairline looks totally natural! That’s because of the lace front feature we talked about. Amazing, isn’t it? With a monofilament cap you can also part the wig in different directions.


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This wig is Illusion II by Ellen Wille. This wig is totally awesome because you get the best of both worlds with a blend of human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair holds it’s style extremely well and human hair has the flawless look and feel of natural hair, so you can have it all! Starting to see the difference in these wigs are the one’s buried deep in grandma’s closet?


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Now, one of the hottest colors on the market today, lilac lavender. Check out how natural the dark roots make the wig look! It’s chic and stunning and so much fun. This is a synthetic wig with heat-friendly fibers, so you can go straight or curly depending on your desired look for the day (or night). Add braids or just rock it as-is and everyone will be asking where you get your hair done. So pretty!