If you care to do your research, you will find that the Goth Community is rather interesting. In case you want to enter this community, what colors would you wear? Most people don’t have an idea but don’t worry. You don’t have to crawl to the cradle of Goth, following we are going to give you a quick guide to hues of Goth subculture.  Read the guide and find the color that suits you best!

1.  Black

You must have heard the saying that Black goes with everything. Well, Black is a good starting point if you just entered the Goth Community. Black embodies the absence of light while being a symbol of mystery and unknown. The story doesn’t end here; it also creates some sense of mystery and shows that one keeps things to oneself.

It shows the person keeps himself hidden from the rest of the world to protect himself against emotional stress. Black is also associated with power, elegance, and sophistication. While at it, it also showcases fear, sadness, death, grief and a little bit evil. As we embrace these qualities, we have to win them and use them to our advantage against people who are afraid of them.

It doesn’t sound very poetic, but this is how it works.  There are other names of this hue; some popular names are coal, charcoal, raven, midnight, sable, onyx and others.

2.  Red

It’s a strong color that demands attention. It’s striking and is often used to signal for caution or lay out a warning.  It is an assertive color that shows the person wearing it is daring, determined, energetic and powerful. You don’t need to overdo this color, just small bits of here and there will be good enough. It helps you to make a statement. You should know that this color is about fire and blood.

It’s also associated with energy, war, danger, and strength. It also shows determination and passion along with love and desire. Believe it or not, these are the qualities that define Gothic subculture.

3.  Purple

It’s surprising to many people that purple has made its way into the Goth subculture, but you can’t blame it; the color is elegant and royal. Purple is only second to red because it mixes the energy and strength from red color while funneling the spiritual and integrity elements from blue color. It’s a rare color that has a sacred meaning. It is related to nobility, prestige, and royalty.

4.  White

Alright, we mean no joke here, but white does have its place in the gothic community. This color represents purity and the start of a new beginning.  It means wiping the slate clean. This color is a blank canvas that waits for a story to be written on it. It doesn’t stimulate senses, but it paves the way for the creation of something you can imagine. It embodies cleanliness, peace, precision, youth, innocence, and sterility. It is used by goths in a contrary way.