Did someone just mention earrings? Oh well, we all love earrings, don’t we? It’s the only piece of jewellery that never goes out of trend. And, no matter if you already own hundreds of them – we bet, you would end up buying some more (wink!). Thankfully, there are uncountable varieties of earrings available that add up to your bold and unique fashion statement.

Here we round up 10 different ladies earrings that you can buy for yourself or even gift them away.

Crystal Tassel Drop & Dangle Earring


Crystals and tassels are a match made in heaven! While tassel earrings are trending these days, this maroon coloured candy is giving us vintage feels. With floral embellishments, soft tassels, and a big rectangular crystal right at the centre, this pair of earrings has got you covered throughout the festive season. Pair it up with a gown, some thread bangles, and an anklet to rock the perfect subtle look.

Drape Diamond Mesh Earrings


Diamond Earrings is the only drama that you need in your life. These diamond studded mesh earrings are nothing more than royalty. Good to go with all your heavy gowns and a princess updo, you would surely slay the evening with these on. But, don’t forget to keep a good care of them so that they don’t lose their shine early.

Blue Crystal Chandelier Earrings


Chandeliers attract a lot of women because they add royalty and class to any look. The way they dangle along your head is what we love the most about them. These blue crystal chandeliers look fancy with all the embellishments and studs. If you have a wedding to attend, don’t forget to take them along. Whatever you wear, keep your hair off your shoulders so that people can notice your earrings.

Yellow And Green Twirl Basket Earrings


Well, earrings are not only about diamonds and studs. There are a few over-the-edge designs that can help you score well. How about these twirl basket earrings? A perfect combo of yellow and green – the twirled rope design is something that not everyone wears. Get your hand on these unique beauties and flaunt your bold style.

Gold Dotted U- Hoop Earrings


You don’t have a collection of earrings until it includes hoops! Yes, that’s right. How can someone not wear hoops, especially when they are as pretty as these gold dotted U- hoop earrings? These earrings are sure to make a standout moment for you wherever you go. Pair them up with your maxi dresses or something more traditional and sensible to amp up your look instantly.

Pink Tiered Fur Button Earrings


Pom-Poms as we call them! These earrings are great when you are in a mood to go the boho-chic way. Pair them with pom-pom bracelets and anklets to complete your look. The best part – they look huge but, weigh almost negligible so that you can wear them the whole day without hurting your ears. Style them with your dungarees or midis to get flooded with loads of compliments.

Modern Geometric Odd Earrings – Turquoise Blue


Okay, we would say, it’s a perfect mismatch made in heaven! Though these modern geometric odd earrings are pretty new in trend, they are worth trying. It has the oddly satisfying combo of hoops and semi-circled turquoise studs for one side and a simple drop dangler with the same stud for your other side.

Cream Mini Tusk Earrings


Another pair of earrings to flaunt while on your beach vacays or casual getaways. These mini tusk earrings are perfect to be worn with shorts, button-down dresses, maxis, and tropical attire. These earrings are indeed the absolute blend of uniqueness and boldness. Are you ready to try something odd?

Metal Ear Clip, Cuff Earrings


We have good news- you don’t need to have a helix piercing to wear these cuff earrings! Yes, you heard that absolutely right. These pretty drop earrings come with a metal ear clip so that you can adjust it over your helix and flaunt them as cuffs. You can even wear this in one of your ears while pairing it up with a simple stud in the other.

Pink Pearl Button Earrings


Wrapping up the list on a simpler note, we have these pink pearl button earrings. Ideal for almost any get-together and occasion, these are one of the most versatile pair of earrings that you can own. Moreover, you can pair them up with almost all the dresses that you have in your wardrobe.

Here we come to an end of the list and, we hope you would pick a few of the earrings from here. Do let us know which one you would buy for yourself in the comments section below. However, also check out for some incredible ladies earrings to flaunt this summer season.