There’s nothing like food to get you in the mood. Aphrodisiacs can help you there.

Aphrodisiacs are foods or other substances that increase sexual desire, arousal, and more. Aphrodisiac foods are nothing new and have been prevalent throughout history.

You might still be wondering what foods are aphrodisiacs and if there are different aphrodisiac foods for males than there are for women. There’s an easy way to explore aphrodisiacs further: experiment with some fun aphrodisiac recipes.

There’s too many to pick from sometimes, but don’t worry! Here are three aphrodisiac recipes to spice up your kitchen.

Breakfast of Champion Lovers

Almond french toast is the way to go. Sweet and sexy like what your night hopefully was, but delectable and filling to start your day.

Eggs, almonds, and fruit (you know you have to top that delicious meal with some strawberries, bananas, or blueberries!) are aphrodisiacs themselves. Putting them all into one meal? You’ve got yourself a lot of love overload in all the best ways possible.

Lunch Before More Loving

Ooo, you can’t go wrong with some good old chicken soup. If you’re not sure where to start, this chicken soup will emanate all those lovely aphrodisiac smells and tastes.

Carrots, parsnips, turmeric, and even kale: all of this and more for some serious boost to your immune system and your romance. You won’t just have it once because you’ll have enough to feed you and your loved one for days. You’ll also increase your libido while you’re at it.

Delicious Dinner Date

Oysters are some serious aphrodisiacs. Give this oyster and scallop tartare with ginger dressing a taste with your date. With oysters, caviar, and champagne, you’ve got several aphrodisiacs foods.

Très magnifique! Oysters are a superb choice for your main course, to help increase your sex drive. If you’re not having a good time after oysters, then there’s always dessert.

Delectable Dessert

Dessert is definitely the sexiest part of the night, so why not go a little extra with it? That’s what chocolate avocado peanut pudding is for.

The avocado is so hidden in it you might not even taste it, but it adds to the creamy, thick texture of the pudding. Satisfy yourself with all the different aphrodisiacs foods flavors in this perfect end-of-date dessert. Raise your hormone levels and boost your energy!

Aphrodite’s Waiting: Try Aphrodisiacs Recipes Today

Who wouldn’t want to try any of the recipes above? With these four different courses, you’re sure to steam up romance in your kitchen and in your life.

Aphrodisiac recipes like the ones above are one way to keep things interesting in your love life and relationships. Aphrodisiacs have been around a while, so you know you can trust this natural substance to help improve your arousal levels and sex drive.

Take things to the next level even outside of the kitchen. Find out now how you can keep spicing things up in your love life.