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Hat trends have gone in and out of style among celebrities since the dawn of Hollywood. Do you remember when Ashton Kutcher had everyone wearing trucker hats? Pharrell Williams created an iconic look for himself with his extra-tall hat that blends bowler with a cowboy.

Kate Middleton is always looking perfect while chasing her kids in a fascinator or conservative garden hat. These days, female celebrities are shedding the all-around brim for fiddler and newsboy caps. Hats for men include the fedora and the flat cap.

Fiddler Caps


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Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been spotted wearing versions of the newsboy cap recently. This trend is quite versatile. You can change up the material with the seasons, wearing breathable cotton in the summer and wool or felt in the winter. You can also stuff this hat in your bag without worrying about crushing the brim.

This menswear style is an easy way to pull together a feminine outfit, but it has also been spotted on male celebrities. In fact, Brad Pitt has been known to wear a neutral-colored newsboy cap. He even sports it on the red carpet. While you might think that he needs to revamp his formal look, he is actually on trend. The style was all over the Prada Men’s Fall 2017 runway.

Wide-Brimmed Hats


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Celebrities have never really done away with wide-brimmed hats. From sun hats to the fedora, these practical-yet-functional hats have hidden many a bad hair day.

Jessica Alba wore a black, wide-brimmed hat while paddleboarding shortly before announcing that she was expecting her third child. Jessica Simpson has been known to wear a cowboy hat with denim shorts, and Eva Longoria alternates between a sporty baseball hat and a chic fedora.

Hats For Men

Male celebrities haven’t escaped 2017’s hat trends. MTV says that Justin Timberlake is a hat man. He has rocked several styles over the years, but it looks like the fedora and bowler are his favorites.

Jon Hamm is also a fan of the fedora and the newsboy cap. Although the fedora was part of his “Mad Men” attire, he still wears it on the street, swapping it out for a flat cap when he’s going casual.

If you want to dress like a celebrity, put on a hat. Seriously. It doesn’t have to match your outfit. If you style it with grace and confidence, you’ll look as fashionable as a Hollywood star.

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