It is not so important what exactly men or women wear. The important thing is how our clothes provide us with comfort, correspond to our style and contribute to self-expression. But it is still interesting to know what women think about men in tights? After all, if we did not take into account the opinion of society in the choice of clothes, and were guided only by functionality and our own considerations about beauty and compatibility, then, probably, there would be many more men in tights.

Many men choose clothes guided by the criterion of comfort. The climate of our planet in the cold is not so soft that you could deprive yourself of underwear without risk to health. And what do men mostly offer to wear under trousers? Once upon a time, they were underpants, much like leggings. But what is the main drawback of tights?

Not all men in tights have the goal of shocking the audience.

And our society, for the most part, has no idea about men’s tights in principle. And the fact that pantyhose actually doesn’t have gender is also something that a few people think. Basically, we are guided in our beliefs on what is shown to us in advertising or on what is sold in large well-known stores.

What tights are sold in these stores? Do they have tights and leggings for men? Of course, there are “tights” described above, and there are also children’s tights and leggings. These children’s tights, which have good natural composition, funny or deliberately male drawings, are designed mainly for boys’ height up to 152 cm.

Boys can wear tights with drawings only up to 12 years old – according to size charts, at about this age they reach a height of 152 cm. Then they are waiting exclusively for leotards, socks and thermal underwear. In any case, these are the options presented in our stores. Here are some responsive from the ladies.

Woman 1

I find that there is nothing to think about it, everyone is free to wear what they like, so I do not see at all the concern that a man wears tights!

Woman 2

A man who wears tights? Astonishing, intriguing and disconcerting… Is this a way of revealing an element of femininity? It is a strange attitude, but it deserves to be understood.

From the moment this way of life is explained in a pragmatic and natural way, everything is accepted.

Woman 3

So a man who wears tights, I find it interesting, he can understand why we have a whole ritual to put them on without spinning them, he knows why we are very upset at the slightest hitch on brand new tights. He also knows why the pantyhose is essential to us, not only for not having the refrigerated legs but also and above all for having shapely legs that look beautiful.

Woman 4

For me a guy who wears it I think especially that each one does what he wants each his tastes his preferences there is nothing serious lol.

It’s like girls who dress more masculine than some guy I am nobody to judge we know what we want so we mustn’t stop stupidly at what people think we have to live for ourselves!

Woman 5

Men who wear tights, I admit that before discovering your blog, I had never heard of it!! After I think it is a question of open-mindedness, some will say that it is incompatible with any form of virility, I do not agree if the person finds his account, whether for venous return problems, cold or simply by taste, I don’t mind!! Everything is a question of point of view! Besides it seems to me that today on the blog of madder gold there is an interview where it is a question of heels for men, so why not the tights??

Woman 6

So, indeed wearing tights for a man is not common, but in any case will not have cataloged you as gay, unlike some “jugs” in stores… I understand and understand that your 1st time (purchase) n was not easy because it is more of a feminine purchase… and rather than taking it negatively and not assuming it, I think it’s good that you managed to interest yourself and discover a passion!

I just wonder if it’s comfortable for a man and if men’s tights are made differently…

Woman 7

I admit that I am not used, in my entourage, to see men wearing tights.

Since I was a child, tights have been associated with femininity, I have never come across a man who wore them in everyday life. So, I tend to find it unusual, I find it “upsets the codes”. Whereas if I had been used to it from a very young age, I would no doubt find it natural.

Woman 8

For me men in tights have just as much their place as a woman, a few centuries back that was all-natural so why not today?

The least open people will only see it as a provocation or even fetishist obsession when the others know that it remains only a fashion accessory or clothing, which benefits and dresses the part of the body without having to debate its feminine or masculine membership.

Woman 9

I think everyone does what they want, men wear tights, what’s the problem?

If we like tights, why not? What I find unfortunate is that we are often very quickly cataloged, put in molds, while each being is unique and has its own essence, it is even what makes its wealth.

The question should, in my opinion, not arise. Whether those who wear hats, T-shirts, skirts, whatever, as long as one is happy.

Woman 10

I am not a specialist in tights, everyone should be able to wear what they want, that’s also fashion: having a unique look, respecting the look of others so that others respect ours.

Woman 11

So, what I think of men who wear tights… To tell the truth, I did not know at all that some people wear them before knowing your blog. It’s very intriguing. I know that some people are forced to wear stockings/tights/socks for health reasons but after that, that a man wants to wear it, it surprises me. I want to know the reason but having no problem with people who go against the “standards”, it does not bother, on the contrary, I find it rather good to assume this small difference. But I must admit that I would not like my boyfriend to wear it.

Why women think they shouldn’t

  • Firstly, all these same men’s tights or leggings usually turn out to be too short. You buy it, bring it home, put it on – and it turns out that the tights end in some vague place. It is clear that manufacturers are trying to save money by indicating the size rather than the length of their “creations” on the labels, thereby misleading the buyer. And in most cases, it is impossible to return such tights, because it is underwear and can’t be exchanged and returned according to the law, even if the size does not fit.
  • Secondly, very often the lower edge of these leggings is narrow and squeezes the leg, which is completely unhealthy in the cold: blood circulation worsens, as a result, you freeze even faster. This is if you don’t remember the threat of varicose veins.
  • Few women know that the problem of varicose veins also affects men. And that for men, as well as for women, anti-varicose tights and stockings are produced. Yes, dear women, there are men’s anti-varicose stockings and men’s anti-varicose tights!
  • Thirdly, if the leotard is too short, then you have to wear more authentic socks. As a result, two elastic bands are pressed on the leg: from both socks and tights. And all this construction in the place of putting on leotards and socks is rather bulky.
  • Fourthly, the very process of putting on all these warming layers, including socks and tights, requires patience, not just pantyhose – just put it on!

But convenience and practicality are not the only things that move us when choosing clothes. We also think about what others will think about us. Therefore, men, choosing tights for themselves, think: ‘What will SHE say?” Or ‘What will the girls think of me?” here’s more on tights for men.

The Final Thoughts

Most women don’t have their own opinions about men in tights and are guided by the generally accepted concepts in society. Many women are sure that men in pantyhose look ridiculous. Don’t hesitate to express your opinion in the comments, but please remember respect for each other.