The vastly accessorised fashion style or goth fashion style is not unfamiliar these days. In fact, there are many people adorning gothic fashion now-a-days. If you are one of them too, then we brought you a nice guide for joining the goths.


The black hair, black dress up era has gone now. Now goths are implying colours in their dresses. Now, you can dye your hair with pastel or ombre colours.


  1. Face: You don’t need to be pale or use heavy white foundation for goth. Go with your natural skin.
  2. Eyebrows: You can grow them darker or lighter, depending upon your choice.
  3. Eyes: You need dark mascara for smoky eyes impression
  4. Cheeks: Goth is focused about contoured cheeks.
  5. Lips: Black is evergreen but, you can try blood red shade too.

Gothic Tops

Wear black statement tees or jackets, coats, blouses or sexy block tops.


Black Pants, Skirts or Stockings are still the first choice in gothic style.


Black platform boots, stilettos, High top boots, ankle boots or laced up boots.

Top 5 Ways To Thrill In Gothic Fashion Styles