Nowadays, convenience and comfort are becoming more and more important in everyday life. Not only in terms of living conditions, transport or even working conditions but also, to a very large extent, clothing. Business suits are left to hang in storefronts, and instead, people prefer non-restrictive, comfortable clothes. Ones, that many people can no longer imagine their daily lives without, are leggings.

Leggings are clothes that were once worn only by dancers. Later, for their convenience, they made their way into streetwear and so far does not let its positions at the top of convenience and popularity.  They are worn by people of all ages, both women and men. Because of its characteristics to keep the lower body warm it is widely used by basketball, football and other games’ professional players. What is more, leggings are thin, breathable but at the same time thick enough not to be transparent. Finally, as the leggings can come in a variety of colors, materials, they can even be shiny, leather-look, metallic, etc. it is a perfect choice for any occasion – either to be worn at home, going to work, travelling or celebrations. It should be also mentioned that leggings are also part of the uniform in some schools.

Another advantage of leggings is that everyone can choose the design they like best. You can choose not only different colors or fabrics, as it was mentioned above but also a wide range of decorations, especially when speaking about gothic style leggings. The most common motifs used on gothic leggings are skulls, lace, mysterious symbols, pentagrams and other. It’s up to you whether you prefer patterned, variegated or plain ones. Although black is the predominant color, a multicolor option is also available. It should be noted that the possibility to choose the design of the product that suits to the smallest detail allows the outfit to reflect the personality of the wearer better. And also to become an intriguing message that speaks to others.

It is often asked: “What is the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing leggings?”. Well, there are a few things:

  • Need to pay attention to what is depicted on the leggings and ask yourself before you buy what those drawings or symbols mean to you personally? It should also be remembered that decorated leggings require special care, sometimes even washing with hands. It is therefore important to look in advance so that new clothes would not be accidentally damaged.
  • Before buying, it is important to think about where they will be worn and what clothing combinations you already have that will be easy to match. Usually neutral colors such as gray, beige, black or white prevail.
  • The fabric. It is important to test before buying to make sure that the leggings are opaque. Also, sometimes the choice of larger leggings size can save the situation. While they will be snug and equally beautifully shape your thighs and shins, you will no longer have to worry about transparency.