Cannes is one of the most glamorous annual events. Every year, fashionists look forward to witnessing the best dresses gracing the red carpet. Fortunately, this year was quite successful, with most dresses falling in the ‘hit’ category instead of ‘miss.’

The celebrities were quite choosy in picking each day’s outfit as can be seen throughout the Cannes season. From gowns to dresses, suits, jewelry, and footwear, everything was on-point for most celebrities.

From donning the outstanding pieces by Alexander McQueen to swirling in the gowns designed by Giambattista Valli, Ralph Lauren, and Chanel, the choice of the celebrities this year was also quite impressive. However, we couldn’t help but notice a few fashion failures at Cannes this year.

Here are the top five fashion disasters according to us at Cannes 2018.

Chris Lee



Born as Li Yuchin, Chris Lee is a Chinese singer, actress, and songwriter. The versatile celebrity has never really tried hard to put up with the fashion trends. She is effortlessly gorgeous, talented, and trendy. But this year at Cannes, she turned the heads for all the wrong reasons.

For the premiere of ‘Yomeddine’ in France, she picked a famous design by Jean Paul Gaultier but couldn’t make a statement on the red carpet. The swirling design in black and white was too much to put up with. The thick white belt separating the top from the bottom looked off while the swirl design was a brain spinner.

To add to the fashion blunder, she paired up the dress with white peep-toe platforms over a sheer pair of black leggings that highlighted the wrong choice of footwear.

Bella Hadid



While she made some stunning appearances at Cannes over the years, she couldn’t get away with this one. In addition to a very confusing neckline cutout, the denim pairing makes it all worse. The outfit was the perfect example of confusion between casual and modern.

The collar with full sleeves blended with a corset-like top and loose, faded, denim failed to make the right impact. The wrong hairdo and accessories further made this look less impressive for the Cannes red carpet.

Kendall Jenner



Known for her casual yet classy fashion choices, Kendall Jenner kept up with her unique and incredible sense of style throughout the Cannes season except when she decided to go with this sheer, unplanned dress.

The supermodel took ‘freeing the nips’ too seriously, making ‘braless’ appearances in sheer dresses as a bold choice for Cannes red carpet this year. But that’s not the only reason why this was considered a fashion disaster. The outfit doesn’t sync with her style and does not appear Cannes-worthy.

It is miserably missing the right cuts and appears merely like a wrap dress with no style. Last, you can’t ignore the flashing underwear.

Deepika Padukone



Some called it a bold choice, but for someone so effortlessly stylish and fabulous as Deepika Padukone, this was indeed a fashion blunder. The confusing neckline, oversized sleeves, and a dress that doesn’t seem to end was too much for the eye – especially if you keep the color choice in mind too.

Deepika made sure she made a statement with every other look she pulled off on the red carpet. She was indeed the fashion diva for Cannes this year until she donned this one.

As uncomfortable as it looks, the dress brings a bright pink cotton candy in mind. It’s a wrong choice for it fails to highlight the perfect body of this slender Indian beauty under the never-ending, puffy layers.

It seems like Deepika took ‘Disney’ as her inspiration for this one.

Amber Heard



Perfect hair, amazing makeup, and classic accessories. But that dress really needs a lot of tweaking.

Amber Heard, popularly known for her talent and incredible career, was seen in a gown that looked like a garden in itself. With sizeable floral print on a satin finish, the dress lost it right on its neckline. It didn’t leave anything for the imagination, featuring a somewhat uncomfortable neckline cut than what you would call sexy.

It’s surprising how the actress still managed to pull it off with her perfect looks.


In an effort to appearing unique, some celebrities took it to the next level and made their fashion choice quite awkward. The idea behind ‘the new naked’ led to fashion disasters that will be remembered for a long time. However, you can plan your outfits to stay on top of your fashion game every day.