Punk has been around for quite a while, but, as any style, it keeps developing different elements and it overall evolves from year to year. If you want to dress punk, have in mind that it is all about finding a look that is unconventional, edgy, anti-materialistic, but that still represents you.

Choosing the style

It is a well-known fact that punk started after a World War 2, but this style really took off during the 70s. As said, it has gone through different twists and phases. For example, before the 70s, punks were recognizable by their long hair, and during the 70s they went short. Furthermore, punk girls of the the 80s were much more masculine and completely combated the feminine 70s looks.

There are three basic punk styles – glam punk, pop punk and hardcore punk.

Glam punk is all about bright colors, spandex, glitter, leather, neons, leopard prints and satin. Just think David Bowie.

Pop punk, on the other hand, is all about skinny jeans, pyramid stud belts, band tees, skater styles and wristbands. It is like a hipster and a punker had a love child.

Hardcore punk is the opposite of what you’d expect. It revolves around simple clothes that are safe to mosh in such as plain tees and baggy work pants.

Regardless of which style you choose (there are plenty more besides these three above), have in mind to stay anti-materialistic. This style is not trendy – it is just good. If it makes your grandmas, mother, and aunts furrow their brows, you are doing it right. If the cool kids from school wouldn’t be caught wearing it, go for it.

DIY all the way

The core of punk is anti-brand and anti-capitalism. So logically, the easiest way to stick to that vibe is to make clothes by yourself. Rip your jeans, write on your tee with a black marker, turn wire into jewelry pieces etc. If it is made by you, you are definitely sure that no one else will have it. And if you are lacking creativity or skills, you can show your style with things like dyes, patches etc. It doesn’t have to look good – the more imperfect it looks – the better.

Clothing essentials

Sure, this style doesn’t have rules, but there are some garments that you simply HAVE to own if you consider yourself a punker. Firstly, there is a black leather jacket – the number one essential garment to be worn all day, every day, until it becomes like your second skin. Secondly, there are Chuck tailors – DUH. Girls should have at least one cool steampunk dress for parties (or school days lol, you have all the freedom of this world). Finally, there are skinny jeans with a studded belt and black combat boots of course.


The first thing to have in mind is not to shy away from textures such as metal. Since most of your clothes will be out of cotton, you should have a piece that sticks out in order to be a little bit conspicuous. Add a metal chain to your belt, put multiple oversized rings on your fingers, as well as a studded bracelet on your wrist. Play around with jewelry and garments and see what suits you best. Also, mixing the ‘unmixable’ is super desirable. Who says you cannot wear a Scottish kilt with a leather jacket and combat boots? Or a pink ballet tutu with a tee that has skull prints all over it? Exactly – no one.


Do whatever you want. Seriously. Do you want to dye it pink? Go for it. Do you want to shave half of your head off? Do it. Do you want to have dreadlocks? Yes babe! Do whatever you’ve always wanted and let your imagination go wild. Change colors weekly if you want, try out new hairstyles, cut your bangs – whatever.

That would be it. I hope this article helped you, and if you have some more tips you would like to share, feel free to comment below.