Whether you’re looking for a rolling carry-on case or a lightweight backpack to take on an adventure around the globe, knowing the travel luggage brands that are best at keeping your belongings securely stored may help you choose which piece will meet your needs. There are many different luggage styles, but some are classic favorites for their durability, size, design, and more.

Here are some tips to help you buy the right luggage:

Size: Whether you’re picking a carry-on or a checked bag, choose a size that fits your personal needs and budget. A carry-on will fit in most overhead bins, but if you’re flying coach, you can still get one that fits under the seat in front of you by choosing a smaller size. Two adults can live comfortably inside one carry-on bag.

Luggage for Traveling

Luggage for Traveling

When it comes to size, something as essential as knowing how big each piece of luggage is can be helpful when deciding between different models. It’s important not only because it allows you to see whether your suitcases will fit in one another, but also because it helps you figure out whether an extra bag will be necessary for your trip (or whether you might need more than one).

Material: It’s important to note that luggage quality depends mainly on what type of material it’s made of. Some luggage brands are known for their quilted nylon, others for their hard-sided cases, and still others for their combination of both. The best luggage brands have high-quality materials, so the bags won’t break easily or take much time to repair if they do happen to break during your travels.

To find out which luggage brand tends to offer the most protection against damage, look at its overall construction and durability. Some brands use durable materials like polycarbonate instead of nylon or vinyl; others use plastic-coated materials that are water-resistant or made to endure harsh conditions like sub-zero temperatures without cracking or melting. Look at the zipper pulls and handles as well. If they’re made of hard plastic or metal, they should be easy enough to grasp even with wet hands and fingers during an emergency evacuation.

Luggage for Traveling

Luggage for Traveling

Features: Look for features such as wheels and expandable sides to help make packing easier and cleaner when traveling. Check to make sure the zippers are made of solid material and don’t stick. It’s also wise to pick a brand with customer support if you need solutions for problems like corrosion or zippers that don’t work correctly.

Accessories: You may also find that some of the best luggage brands have additional accessories available for use with your bag. These will include securing straps so your bag doesn’t bounce around inside during flight or zippers so you can close your bag closed before exiting the terminal building.

It used to be that the only kind of luggage you needed was a heavy-duty suitcase. But today, we’re all about fitting more stuff in less space. That means more rolling luggage options that offer the look and feel of a traditional suitcase but are actually light and portable. There are so many different types of luggage on the market these days. It can be hard to decide which one is right for you. But once you do find your favorite style and size, you won’t be disappointed when it comes time for travel.


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