What goes into the ultimate beach vacation outfits? There are a few factors to consider: fashion, confidence, versatility, and ease.

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes sitting seaside. You’ve got a good book and a fresh margarita with a little umbrella. Or maybe you’re in the waves and need a cover-up when you run to the cantina.

Either way, these are the ultimate beach vacation outfits. Dress up so you’re always feeling confident and ready to roll.

Just a Top

The great thing about the beach is no one expects you to be fully dressed all the time. That means if it’s your style, you can get away with throwing a top over your bathing suit and sauntering into a shop.

To pick the best tops, consider something that has a bit of movement to it. A button-up flannel works wonders. You can also get away with an off the shoulder cotton t-shirt.

Just the Bottoms

Alternately, you can put on bottoms and walk around in your swim top. Consider a swimsuit wrap, shorts, or a skirt you love. You can even get away with high waisted trousers or a jean skirt.

If you’re wearing a one-piece swimsuit, this outfit works even better. It highlights the swimsuit’s best features, like a decorative back or front lace.

Crop Top and a Sarong

If you don’t want to look like you always just popped out of the water, consider a crop top and a sarong. It’s easy to put on over your swimsuit – or change out entirely. It doesn’t take up much space in your bag, and it’s incredibly versatile.

Opt for one piece with a bold pattern and the other a neutral solid for a cohesive look.

Pick a Dress

For ultimate versatility, make a dress your go-to beach outfit. You can choose a flowing maxi dress or a cute, short sundress.

A dress can take you from booking hotel rooms to exploring Main Street. It’s there from swimming at the beach to a fancy night dinner. If you want to do it all with only one outfit, pick a dress.

Shoes and Accessories

Finally, when you’re planning your outfit, remember your shoes and accessories. Storing a pair of nice earrings in your beach tote can bring a relaxed outfit to a fancy level.

And of course, never forget your sunglasses and sunblock.

Consider the type of footwear you need. Will you be walking a lot? Will you be in the ocean?

Some of the best beach shoes are outdoor water sandals, like Chacos. Also consider espadrilles, flats, or other supportive shoes.

Use These Ideas to Put Together Your Ultimate Beach Vacation Outfits

Whatever beach vacation outfits you choose should represent your style. But more importantly, you should feel confident in them. After all, you never know what adventures await.

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