Many different stones and crystals have long been used in support of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Among these is a stone rediscovered in the 1970s, which has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful healing and spiritual stones available today. Sometimes known as the Blue Stone of Atlantis and sometimes as the Dolphin Stone, there is little doubt that no matter what it’s called, Larimar provides extensive benefits for those who use it.

A Spiritual Stone

While most stones and crystals are firmly aligned with a single element or a single chakra, Larimar embraces more. It’s cool, watery blue color and appearance help align the stone with the element of Water, while its volcanic origins align it with the element of fire. At the same time, the stone resonates most deeply with the throat chakra, but has demonstrable influence over the solar plexus, heart, and forehead charkas as well.

Meditating with Larimar held to any chakra, or merely gazing at the stone while meditating can help bring balance to the body, unblock communication and creativity, and release anger. At the same time, meditating with or wearing Larimar has several health benefits as well.

Larimar for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

In addition to helping you find balance and release negative emotions, one of the most positive effects that Larimar has on the body is the release of stress. Holding, wearing, or gazing at Larimar can help relieve the body of both mental and physical stress, which in turn can:

  • Help lower the blood pressure
  • Regulate the thyroid gland
  • Promote a better night’s sleep
  • Release fear – particularly fear of things like doctor’s or medical procedures
  • Support your body’s own natural healing abilities

At the same time, Larimar is hugely beneficial to pregnant and postpartum mothers, helping to promote a healthy pregnancy, easy labor, and a reduction in postpartum depression.

Ways to Use Larimar

There are many different ways that you can use Larimar to help harness its healing energies and help promote balance and stability in your life, while reducing stress and supporting your body’s own ability to heal itself.

  • Wear a Larimar necklace or pendant so that it rests between your heart and throat chakras
  • Wear a Larimar ring or bracelet that you can gaze on during times of stress to help focus and ground yourself
  • Sleep with a piece of Larimar beneath your pillow at night
  • Take a bath with a piece of Larimar in the water with you
  • Meditate while holding a piece of Larimar against any of your chakras
  • Mediate on or hold the Larimar while meditating; to strengthen the meditation, light blue candles of a similar hue to help boost its power

Support Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability with Larimar

Larimar has a well-known reputation for its spiritual and healing powers. By reducing stress, enhancing feelings of calm, and removing obstacles from your body’s ability to heal itself naturally, Larimar can assist you in finding greater health and well-being. Try introducing Larimar into your daily life to help find the balance and peace that it brings to all who use it.

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