The real estate market is always changing, and with the constant competition for buyers in today’s housing market, you need to be creative. The tips below will give you some ideas on how to increase sales through creative marketing techniques. We’ll start by talking about postcards, brochures, flyers, and other mailers that can be used to draw interest in your home listings. Next, we’ll cover decorating tips that make houses look more appealing when prospective buyers come over. Lastly, we’ll go over what are some of the most important things a buyer looks for in a new home.

Using Mailers to Get People in the Door

Postcards, brochures, and flyers are all great for getting people in the door. Postcards allow you to print short direct messages that people will keep on their fridge.

Brochures are a more in-depth and thoughtful way of presenting your property to potential customers.

And flyers provide an affordable means for displaying contact information about the home, including directions, photos, and amenities offered. Instead of wasting money on expensive mailers that might not get opened, think outside the box with these three inexpensive ideas!

Brochures and flyers are also good options because they provide more information about properties without being overwhelming like a postal letter would be. They’re perfect as handouts at open houses or when showing homes one on one with prospective buyers.

Decorating Tips to Make Your House Look More Desirable to Buyers

Clean the home properly – no dirt, grime, or other signs of neglect.

Fix up anything that’s broken to ensure it doesn’t get in the way later on down the road.

Be sure floors are mopped and windows washed for a beautiful first impression.

Stage the furniture so that it shows the potential of the home, not how it was actually used. You can rent furniture for a showing and even hire help to stage it so that it has that magazine level appeal.

What Buyers Look For In A New Home:

Buyers can be divided into three different types who look at homes differently depending on their needs and wants.

The first type of buyer is the person looking for a home they can afford. The second type of buyers are families that want to buy houses. And the third type are usually investors who only care about how much money they earn off an investment.

Appealing to these different types of buyers means crafting the right message and keeping it simple- when you have one group trying to understand your words, another completely tuning out while reading over your shoulder, it becomes difficult to keep everyone interested in what you’re trying to sell.

A few tips for appealing to this wide range:

Designations such as “starter” or “move up” might help simplify things for those just starting their search or wanting something with more space than before. Using terms like “family home” or “starter home” could help those who are looking for a starter place to raise their family. And buyers looking for investment properties might be drawn more towards the term “investment opportunity.”

Final Thoughts

The biggest hack tip when selling homes is to know who you’re selling to. Certain tricks of the trade work on certain buyers. Staging a home works for some, while others want to see a blank canvas. Once you know how to spot the difference, you’ll be able to manipulate each home to each buyer’s needs.