Lovely bridesmaid dresses are not patented for slim figures; in fact there are lots of styles where a plus-size figure can look beautiful even than a slimmer girl. If you are figuring out for your full-figure bridesmaids and find it difficult to zero down to a particular dress, you may need to consider more about the right style that suits the personalities of your bridesmaids. These days, designers are well-aware about the full-sized figures while designing bridesmaid dresses, so you can find lots of styles including long bridesmaid dresses in the collection. Of course, it is a fact that right kind of dresses for full-figure bridesmaids are difficult than slim figure, but it is not impossible, only thing is to look for the right style.

Here are number of dress patterns and their elaboration is given to choose the right kind of dress.

Flowy fabrics

Fabrics play a major role in the style of your dress, how it fits on your skin and creates a comfortable feeling. If the dress is not comfortable, the bridesmaids wouldn’t be looking confident. For a full-figured plus size girl, it is important to be confident in the function. Soft and flowy fabrics do not stick to the skin, though some fabrics like organza are crafted into tight fitting outfits, still it creates balloon styles dresses, which are the best for plus size girls. Other fabrics like lace, chiffon, silk and Georgette are best for full figures. If you are using organza types of fabrics, it works wonderful if you add beautiful overlay to the gowns.

Necklines and sleeves

Choosing the right kind of necklines and sleeves is an important part of designing beautiful dresses. Necklines and sleeves are the best prominent parts of your dress, so in the full-figured body, these two things highlight the most. If you are looking for a plus size dress or long bridesmaid dresses, you must completely discard the idea of off-shoulder designs. There are diverse designs in necklines and sleeves patterns available in the market that is beautifully designed for fuller figures.

  • You can choose from sweetheart necklines or the sophisticated ‘V’ or deep ‘V’ neckline.
  • Wide halter type style also looks good on thick neck.
  • Strapless dresses and wrap styled bodice in sleeveless pattern also go well with full-figured body.
  • For a plus-size design, don’t go for full sleeves.

Long Bridesmaid Dresses-1

Dress Style

For a plus size figure, full-length gowns in straight fit could be look stylish and confident. You can also look for strapless dresses with lace shrugs that create wonderful designs for your bridesmaids.

  • For a heavy girl, two piece gowns with pinched pleats at waist and small flare at the end can create a slim reflection.
  • Avoid full-length sleeves, instead use empire waist with strapless gowns.
  • Dark hues like navy blue, ocean blue, wine, magenta, plum, latte, crimson create a slimmer look.

False ways to decide the right dress

It is normal to search for your wedding dress inspiration, but it is also a fact when you seldom find any large models, not even in plus-sized styles. This is a very demotivating factor when you don’t see a picture that doesn’t represent your body. Internet is a great place to look for variety of styles and designs but do not fall into the trap of actualization and imagination, comparing you with the models showcasing in the websites.

It is a downward spiral to comparing yourself with the models because by maximum chance you will never find a single model where you can identify with yourself. When you just have the thought that you are very ugly, the prettiest dress you wear makes you ugly. So, turn off your computer as soon as you find it your ideal dress, be pragmatic and don’t be overboard with your imaginations.