The street couture is constantly transitioning and is considered to be the most versatile fashion category. The following are the top picks of what the street trends are dictating this year.

The Sheep Skin Coat

This best goes with straight jeans and your pair of favorite shoes. The 70’s is making a comeback this year and that means the designers are also making sure that they bring back something that speaks volumes and leaves an impact.

Over The Knee Boots

Some magazine editors say that these shoes will actually make their way into work wear as well, but we will believe this when we see it. Suede over the knee boots were all the rage in the fall cat walk. And if that was not all, the street couture is filled with split pencil skirts, and sweaters with these shoes.


Saddle Bag

Okay, so this particular wardrobe necessity has been around for a year now. This season they are still the accessory of choice. You can pair these up with a dress and maybe even a coat.


Flare Jeans

These jeans are not so much the talk of the town as the bell bottoms in the early 2000s. The best way to make the look work is that you opt for a head to toe black couture. It will make you look taller and your legs look slimmer. Go for a streamline polo neck to exaggerate the whole look.


Beanies Are So Over

The boy cap, also referred to as the groupie cap, is the fashion industry’s top pick. This is definitely an accessory for people who are trying to make a statement. The best portrayed is the look by Tommy Hilfiger.


No Ordinary Denim

Jeans with patch work are just starting to get their share of the spotlight. If you thought the variations between boyfriend, skinny and flare jeans was all you had to choose from then think again. Decorated denim is here to stay. You should be looking for jeans with added embellishments and texture.


Military Overcoats

Okay so khaki is one fabric design that you will not be spared from. Outer wear is now being dominated by military patterns and tones. At the top of this fashion category is the ankle length long khaki overcoat.



Street fashion is nothing with a prim stole. Too bad they are so over and fur trims are the new stoles. The plain fur trim on your jacket is defining the hip hop look in the streets now. And what can be a better place to make a statement then where the classic culture comes from.


Grays Over Camel Tones

Sweater dresses of biscotti color are over now. Only to be replaced by urban couture filled with charcoal and grey color tones.


The Boho Dress

No this is nothing like ‘the dress’ that broke the internet. The Boho dress is your glamorous version of a peasant dress, with a full skirt and a license for you to wear leather shoes with. It is feminine and incredibly comfortable at the same time.

boho dress