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2020 has welcomed a wide range of refreshing trends that take away the burden of arranging a wedding. This year, weddings are all about personalizing to the tastes of the bride and groom. They are about organizing intimate affairs with an underlying theme of sustainable planning and making environmentally-conscious decisions.

Couples are encouraged to make their wedding affairs unique and personalized. Incorporating colors with sentimental value and inventing themes around their love story. The year 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, and its time to change the perceptions surrounding an ideal wedding. This year, couples no longer have to look over their shoulders and feel overwhelmed by the burden of traditions.

Here, take a look at popular wedding trends of 2020.



Green weddings are indeed the major theme of 2020 weddings. This trend can envision with two perspectives: sustainable and eco-friendly affairs. And of course, liberal use of the color green through nature, décor, interiors, and tableware.

Wedding planners and experts have ruled in favor of sustainable trends, like upcycling, zero waste policies, and reduced carbon footprint. Couples are encouraged to recycle all décor items, repurpose ceremony flower arrangements, and to revive family heirlooms and bridal attire. Hiring local vendors and procuring grown, organic food items is another way to incorporate an eco-conscious touch.

Greenery is having a powerful moment on the wedding trend radar for 2020. And this is an energetic and lively hue that can incorporate in more ways than one. You can add green to the furniture, draping, floral décor, and even the ceiling treatments and tableware.


In 2020, weddings are all about vibrant and colorful affairs that incorporate a rich color palette of dazzling hues. Wedding planners and experts, as seen at the Wedding expo Melbourne, have ruled in favor of bold and vibrant colors. For instance, rich tones of orange and russet will give the affair a daring and traditional charm.

Red, burgundy, and maroon are exciting bridal hues, while ivory, lilac, and serene pastels also make an excellent choice. However, it is vital to incorporate colors that offer sentimental appeal to the bridal couple.


A significant wedding trend that is indeed a refreshing change for modern-day couples. The guest lists have shrunken in size, making weddings a smaller, private affair. The wedding trend is to put together a list of no more than 40-50 guests by invite only. These guests would be the closest, nearest, and dearest of the bridal couple. The trend is all about celebrating the wedding with a dazzling three-day affair of never-ending excitement and fun.

The bridal couple can treat them to an idyllic destination wedding with bespoke luxuries, tasty meals, and romantic soirees. That will allow them to personalize their wedding according to their dreams. A smaller guest list allows the bridal couple to enjoy a more extended and grander celebration.


In 2020, weddings are more about the bridal couple and their dreams as opposed to traditions and exuberant affairs. Some several new cultures and trends allow the bridal party to recuperate and relax. For instance, smaller guest lists with slow-paced festivities that would enable everyone to relax and rejoice the celebrations.

Many modern-day couples span out their celebrations over three or four days of events, with a day allocated for resting. Couples are also scheduling post-wedding photoshoots to relax and enjoy with their guests and preserve their memories.


Mysticism and magic are one of the most poignant influences on the wedding radar this year. Many couples seek to channel their spiritual vibes into their wedding décor. Allowing their guests and wedding affair to radiate with positivity and a charming mystic vibe. From sagging and rich aromatic experiences to aura photo booths, and crystal table décor. This trend is all about spreading positive energy and good spiritual vibes.


This year, the wedding feast is a never-ending and truly mesmerizing affair. Wedding planners and gurus have spoken in favor of interactive food spreads. The idea is to present beautifully curated and styled food courses. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, the food must be a gastronomic and visually enriching experience.

Couples are encouraged to focus on the presentation and adding a dramatic flair to the food arrangements. It is highly advisable to mix up the menu with a dose of fusion. For instance, a Mexican bar with spicy tacos, followed by sophisticated French desserts and Italian kinds of pasta. These indulging food presentations and gastronomic adventures can be compliment with interactive and dazzling musical performances.


Brides and grooms, we sincerely hope you found our round-up of 2020 wedding trends to be inspiring. Remember, this year, it’s time to ditch traditions and embrace styles and themes that appeal to you. It’s all about personalizing your wedding to reflect your love story and celebrate your journey as a couple.

Instead of organizing a burdensome affair, gathering an intimate group of the people you genuinely love. Organize an excitingly unforgettable affair with immersive entertainment and incredible experiences. Make your wedding a truly memorable extravaganza, filled with love and positivity!