Maxis are one of the unique outfits that girls and women of all ages and sizes can wear without having any second thoughts. Another cool thing about maxi pieces is that with the right styling, they can be worn in absolutely any season. However, summers are surely the best times to wear your maxis. Here are some simple tips to help you style them this season!

Wear Them as a Modest Outfit

img 141 h the modest fashion movement gaining strength, more and more women are looking for expressive outfits that are stylish but not too revealing. So if you’re into modest wear, maxi dresses or tunics are surely one of the first choices for summers. With the huge variety of maxis available in every store and online, you can easily create your own maxi outfit for a lovely, comfortable, yet still modest look.

Even if you can’t find one like that for any reason, or if you fall in love with one that isn’t exactly modest, you can easily transform it into a modest one. For example, wear a monochrome tee under a sleeveless maxi or plain black tights, pants or jeans under one that is too short or has a slit.

If you have your heart set on a sleeveless maxi dress or one that has a deep neckline, then try wearing a shirt or tunic on top of it and you will be able to transform that beautiful maxi dress into a maxi skirt!

Belt it Up

img 140

Since most maxis come in loose fittings and it’s kind of hard to find a tailored one, adding a belt is one of the simplest age-old tricks. The belt gives shape to the maxi along with a more formal and well-polished look. This also gives a sophisticated and professional look to maxis so you can even wear them to work.

If you wish to look taller, you can use a broad belt along with heels, as it will give the illusion of longer legs. But if you’re short or curvy, go for slim and sleek belts that you wear around the thinnest part of your waist, as it will make your body seem more proportionate.

One trick to remember if you want to avoid looking short or wide is that the belt should never be in a contrasting colour to your maxi. The best choices would be dark coloured belts such as black, brown or dark blue.

Make a Style Statement

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This year is all about making a statement whether it’s with your sleeves, cuts or necklines. So when buying a maxi, always look for one with a wow factor. For example, instead of a simple maxi, opt for a halter neck one. Other options could be maxis with eye-catching embellishments, lace details, intricate backs, frills and tube cut maxis.

There is also a huge range of statement sleeves that you can find in maxis such as ruffled sleeves, bell sleeves, bishop sleeves and so many more. Which women wouldn’t love to make a bold statement, however, when wearing such a maxi, make sure to keep the rest of your look simple. You want your maxi garment to be the highlight of your look so wear minimal or neutral accessories to avoid overdoing things.

To sum up, maxis have been a hot summer trend for many years now and they will definitely continue to be so. Maxis also give women a safety net because they’re so quick and easy to style. Now that you have some of our favourite tips and tricks, go ahead and enjoy this summer with cute and fun maxi clothes!