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Hitting the beach for the first time is the event we dream of every year while buried in snow or rain. And yet, when the summer actually starts approaching, we get super self-conscious and stressed out about how our bodies look in swimsuits, especially when compared to others. If this sounds familiar, here are a few tips that’ll help you get ready for summer.

Prepare your skin


If you have a tendency to stay covered up during the day, your body might experience a shock once you go all-out on the beach. This is why you should try to gradually build up your tan in the upcoming weeks. Go for walks in short-sleeved shirts and shorts, or sunbathe in your back yard for just a few minutes every day. This will help your skin develop a protective layer, so it’ll be much less prone to sunburns. Also, make sure you are stocked up on your sunscreens, and that you drink plenty of water.

Get a swimsuit that fits well


We have all heard a million things about which swimsuits are „flattering“ for which body type, but the truth is – you will feel and look the most beautiful in the swimsuit that you are comfortable in. Just because you don’t have abs of steel, doesn’t mean you have to wear a one-piece, and just because you don’t have large breasts, doesn’t mean you have to wear ruffles to cover it up. Try on as many swimsuits as you can and find the one that feels the best, not the one that you saw everybody wearing in the magazines.

Research body positivity


If you have a tendency to think that you do not look good compared to others, or to yourself from a few years ago, maybe all you need is a little body positivity. There are countless of books, blogs and Instagram accounts devoted to promoting body positivity and being happy in the body you have. Taking a look at what they have to say might teach you that every body is a beach body, no matter the shape or size. Don’t just ignore the social norms – fight them back by being proud of the body you have and supporting other men and women to do the same.

Look the way you want to look


The same way it is totally fine to love your body no matter the shape, it is also fine to want your body to look a certain way and to work towards that goal. So if you have an idea about your desired appearance, it’s time to put on some great gym wear and go for a run. Don’t ever fall for those “get fit in 10 days” scams, because if you truly want a certain body shape, you have to work for it all year round, not just a few weeks before the summer. Exercising regularly will not only give you the body you want, but it will also make sure that you have all the energy and stamina you need in order to have fun at the beach and swim for as long as you’d like.

No matter which route you choose to follow this summer, make sure that everything you are doing is helping you stay healthy and happy. Remember that you never have to look a certain way just to feel good in a swimsuit. After you stop caring about what other people around you look like and what they think of your looks, you will start having a lot more fun in the sun while feeling much more confident about yourself.