From ancient times, jewels and gemstones have been prized for their rarity and beauty. Early Babylonians and Indians even believe that certain gems carried cosmological powers. It was probably the Assyrian Civilizations that attached special meaning to each gem in the early 1400 B.C. but gemstones have since been given significant mentions in all cultures.

It was during the 1st Century B.C. that Flavius Josephus laid the belief that gemstones were connected to zodiac and hence the term Birthstones. Wearing the right birthstone (gemstones specific to the month of birth) ensured special healing powers to the individual. It is still considered to be associated with a healthy and successful life.

Rubies for example are considered to be tokens of peace and harmony. Their mellowed beauty is attached to nobility and strength of one’s character. Wearing a ruby will bring you both good luck and good friends. Rubies are the perfect birthstones for people born in July.

Below are 10 beautiful ruby birthstones from that you should consider buying.

1. Rose Gold Cushion Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1061

A cushion shaped ruby allayed securely into a round brilliant cut diamond bordering rose gold ring socket showcases elegance in simplicity and is an apt pick for those who are not inclined towards heavy jewelry. Each diamond weighs 0.15 Ct while the Ruby weighs 0.50 Ct.


2. Rose Gold Emerald Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1063

The emerald shaped red ruby ring is beautifully paved by round brilliant cut diamond on a dual stranded gold ring. Each diamond weighs 0.39 Ct and the Ruby stone weighs 0.75 Ct.


3. Rose Gold Marquise Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1068

An exquisite 0.80 Ct Ruby set amidst a double stranded rose gold ring, the design is complimented by 0.43 Ct round brilliant cut diamonds.


4. Rose Gold Oval Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1071

A rose gold ring with Prong and Pave diamond setting, this product represents royal embroidery. Each diamond in this ring weighs 0.27 Ct while the oval round cut ruby weights 1.00 Ct – perfect to be worn in weddings and anniversaries.


5. Rose Gold Oval Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1073

Made to suit grand occasions, this big ring boasts several 0.74 Ct diamond and a 1.00 Ct Prong and Pave ruby. This ring will certainly make you the topic of discussion in every dining arrangement!


6. Rose Gold Round Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1076

Looking for something to make your girl happy? Regardless of the occasion, this 0.70 Ct ruby beset in 0.17 Ct diamonds will be a perfect present for any woman.


7. White Gold Oval Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1073

An intricately crafted ruby ring beset in white gold, this product is one of the most popular buys from AG & Sons.


8. Yellow Gold Cushion Ruby & Diamond Ring

Charming and exotic, this beautifully inlaid ruby and diamond ring is a top pick for both men and women.



9. Yellow Gold Round Ruby & Diamond Ring AGDR-1075

Made for the women who love to dress to the occasion, this ring is affordably priced and will be a unique addition to your jewelry box.


10. Yellow Gold Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

This will compliment any and every outfit in your wardrobe. The dual strands engraved with diamonds makes it a little broader giving it a feminine look and hence is a must have for all the ruby loving women.