As the hot summer leaves us gradually, the footsteps of autumn are slowly approaching us. Summer is the best time that you can enjoy the happiness brought to you by miniskirts, suspenders, and halter skirts. In the fall, you have to put away the idea of wearing a sexy suspender skirt because of the cold weather. Is it true that women can only wear sweaters and pants in autumn? Of course not. Although we can’t wear halter dresses, we can wear Maxi dresses!

What Is A Maxi Dress?

From an official point of view, the Maxi skirt is characterized by a tight upper body and a looser lower body. It is made of cotton and has a variety of necklines and patterns. From a broader perspective, the Maxi skirt is a comfortable skirt that can wear a casual beach style or a more formal match.

Maxi Dresses are not a style that has only recently become popular but have been in development for some time. We can divide its development process into three stages.

The first stage was the 1940s: During that period, many hot Hollywood stars chose Maxi Dresses as their first choice for evening dresses. But it was quickly eliminated by the fashion circle.

The second stage was in the 1960s: At that time, a fashion of Maxi dresses was invented in society. At that time, you could see most women had one or several Maxi skirts of different colors. This time, Maxi long skirts have been popular in the fashion circle for nearly ten years.

The last stage is the 21st century: designers spend a lot of effort on improving Maxi’s fabric to make it more comfortable and trendy. To this day, I can still see Maxi dresses in many places. How can you miss it?

How To Wear Maxi Dresses?

If you haven’t worn this skirt before, you may be at a loss on the matching problem. But you can rest assured that the matching of Maxi dresses is nothing special like other dresses. You only need to follow the five steps:

1、Know Your Size

When we choose any clothes, we need to choose according to body shape, not blindly follow suit. For example, if you have a height of 1.7 meters, you can choose a floor-length skirt or an ankle-length skirt that you want. If you have a slim figure, you can choose a maxi dress with a tube top. Because we don’t have to worry about it Because you don’t have to worry about the skirt being exposed.

2、Choose The Right Color

The color of the skirt is one aspect that I pay special attention to. Choosing the right color can highlight your overall mental state. On the contrary, the color of the skirt may make your temperament evaluation. So I suggest that girls with dull skin should choose some darker colors, such as green or black to brighten their skin. For girls with dark skin, it is better to choose gold or black. For fair-skinned girls, you can wear whatever you want!

3、Choose A Wardrobe

The material of the Maxi dress is mainly cotton, and the length of the dress is longer than ordinary clothes. If you don’t keep it well, your skirt is easy to wrinkle. Thus, girls with the right conditions can buy a larger wardrobe to store their skirts. This is not a necessary condition that you can make a decision based on the actual situation.

4、Master Collocation Skills

Many girls should have the same situation as me that they are happy when they buy skirts. But when they wear maxi dresses out, they start to wonder how to match them. Once we go out in a hurry, we often go out in a random collocation. How can this highlight the advantages of the skirt? To avoid similar problems, I often think about how to match when placing an order. The following are the maxi dresses I often use, I hope it will be useful to you:

Long Skirt And Short Blazer

The suit jacket is worn by office workers because it is formal enough, so we don’t usually wear this kind of clothes in private. The matching of the short suit jacket and Maxi dress together that exquisite suit tailoring can help modify your upper body and the exposed half maxi dress can be a little more feminine. The combination of a suit jacket and a maxi dress weakened the problem of the suit jacket being too formal and added a lot of leisure and comfort.

Long Skirt And White Shirt

Many people regard white shirts and suit pants as a fixed match. If they think that this outfit is too cautious for the workplace, they use jeans instead of suit pants. We don’t have to be so troublesome. In the cool autumn, we combine a brown Maxi skirt with a white shirt wearing a brown woven belt at the waist as decoration. The simple three steps are very good.

Long Skirt And Sweater

As soon as the cold season comes, our wardrobe cannot lack the presence of sweaters. We can match the sweaters in the cabinet with the newly bought Maxi dresses. This looks like a kind of lazy intellectual beauty.

Black Jacket And Maxi Skirt

The black jacket always gives people a cool feeling that is very different from the elegant Maxi dress. When coldness and elegance collide, a wonderful spark is produced.

The above four methods are my usual matching methods, which are very versatile. You can’t go wrong whether it is going to work or going out to party with friends. Do you have a better idea?

Long Skirt And Overcoat

When the weather gets colder, we can take out the warm coat and put it on the outside of the long skirt. Do the combination of a high-quality coat and a beautiful Maxi dress look like a TV drama heroine?

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