If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your living room to give it a more modern look, then a high-tech style will be the best choice. With a very classic colour palette, modern-looking furniture and an array of smart devices and appliances, your living room will get the ultimate 21st-century look. Check out some of these ideas and create a home you’ll enjoy for many years.

Know your top colours

One of the main characteristics of high-tech style is the use of very few colours. White, black and grey are the three colours you should focus your interior around. With grey, you’ll get a bigger range of shades, so feel free to use any of the hues from the colour palette. Clean glossy white floors and white walls will create a perfect foundation for furniture colours. High-tech is all about smooth, so if you don’t want ceramic tiles, opt for shiny laminate or linoleum. Furthermore, it’ll make the interior visually bigger and more luminous. Wallpapers with floral motifs are an absolute no-no, as well as checked and striped patterns, so if you want wallpapers, go with plain ones or perhaps invest in glossy mirror panels to add a touch of luxury. While white, grey and black should be your main colours, you don’t have to strictly stick to just those shades, but you can also create an edgy twist with bright colours with metallic gloss. Neon green, orange, red and black would be excellent accent colours to blend into your high-tech living room.

Pick furniture wisely

Furniture in a high-tech living room should also have a glossy finish, and be light and laminated. Think compact wall units, TV stands and cabinets as well as shelves with a glossy sheen. State of the art devices are another important factor in a high-tech home, so don’t forget to equip your living room with a large LCD/plasma TV or home cinema. For your modern flat-screen TV, choose modern TV wall mounts in a matching colour to fit well in the hi-tech interior. When it comes to your furniture choices, make sure you go with one-colour upholstery. You can go for both fabric and leather, but it would be best if you went with smooth and shiny upholstery. When picking out chairs or armchairs, they should be plastic. For a modern kick of high-tech, go with lucite chairs. Eccentric and unique chairs and an original coffee table will look particularly charming in your high-tech living room. A few pieces of furniture with bizarre shapes is all you need to make the interior perfectly describe your home’s character and style. Chrome metal, concrete and glass are also desirable materials to use in your high-tech home.

Layered lighting is a must

Hi-tech lighting differs from the classic lighting because, with high-tech lighting, you’re not supposed to centre the light. Instead, you should try to recreate the effect of a large and bright room. Point your lights towards metal objects and allow them to reflect the light. Use a variety of lighting, LED and concealed lighting. Another characteristic of the high-tech style is the multi-layered, abundant and efficient lighting. Distributed on walls and ceilings, this type of lighting will play a significant role in the zoning of the open living plan. Built-in lights will look amazing in the walls and the ceiling and offer your living room all the lighting it needs. If you’ve been considering lamps, go for ones made of chromed metal or glass to blend into the décor nicely.

Keep décor to a minimum

Open space and cleanliness are the main characteristics of high-tech style, which is why a lack of ornaments and floral motifs is precisely what your living room should be about. Feel free to use pots, vases, figurines and lamps but only if they’re all made of ceramic, plastic, metal or glass. If you’d like to hang a mirror in your living room, it should be one without a frame or any additional decor. If you’d like to include wall art too, graphics or black-and-white photographs will fit well into your interior.

The high-tech style is all about simplicity, clean lines and open spaces that do not include plenty of décor or vibrant colours. So if you’d like to decorate your home in high-tech style, stick to black, white and grey, no patterns and prints, glass, metal, and plastic materials and keep everything as minimalistic as possible.