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Preparing for your first day in a new job can undoubtedly be exciting… but also daunting. While it might be the case that you are excited about what your job will entail, you could still be under pressure to make a positive first impression on your new work colleagues. Cultivating an attractive appearance is key to ensuring this kind of impression; so, what should you wear on the day?

What kind of job is it?

You need to answer this question before you mull over what items you should choose. Both men and women don’t have to be too stringent about what they wear if they will be working in a creative industry. The Idle Man tells such men that “the rules of smart casual are your 10 commandments.” Meanwhile, Elle says that, for women, a creative job provides “a great opportunity to mix patterns and textiles”, adding: “As a visually minded person, this should be a piece of cake for you!”

However, the job you are about to start in could be one where such experimentation in attire is frowned upon. You will, therefore, need more specific advice regarding what to wear; throwing on a black t-shirt with black jeans probably won’t suffice for time spent in the office.

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Be smart, be safe

You might be aware about the late Alvin Stardust giving that advice when promoting the Green Cross Code in the 1980s – and it turns out to be good advice for preparing your business clothing, too. Therefore, if you are male, you would be out of your tiny mind not to build your work look around a good shirt-and-trousers combination. Don’t worry about looking dull or generic; this approach to business attire has become timeless. You don’t need to put on clothing that metaphorically shouts.

Men should select shirts that, when worn, are comfortably snug but not so tight that the buttons are popped. Meanwhile, the right trousers should remain up without a belt; if they don’t, they are overabundant in waist. Women, meanwhile, could benefit from choosing a fitted dress; these ladies will look like high-ranking businesswomen even on their first days!

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It’s no mean feat to choose for your feet

Your footwear is one of those physically little things that can, nonetheless, make a big difference. So, what should you put on those feet? Women preparing for highly corporate environments could select some intimidating pumps, but flats are fine for more creative endeavours. Women set for educational jobs, on the other hand, could choose sandals in which they would be able to run after those mischievous tykes on the school playground.

What should men consider? Black Oxford shoes are good for stuffy workplaces, while creative types could invest in a set of desert boots. Footwear looking similar to desert boots includes these chukka boots from Dickies Life. They are available in different shades of brown and can be easily ordered online through that clothes retailer. The same store also offers a pleasing variety of leather boots.