Although every women is beautiful and pretty without makeup but her beauty will be more glorified if she chooses and wear the right makeup. Makeup enhance the beauty of an individual and give the face a much defined look. But when it comes to makeup eyes are something to be considered a vital part as eyes makeup if done correctly can make people have head over heels when they look at you. It’s time to open your eyes to the world of new possibilities.

Either go lined up, defined or the most mesmerizing smokey eye. Your eye makeup should be as perfect as your outfit and obviously you. Either you use the color pops or a basic and simple eye liner and eye shadow if it is done systematically it will add beauty to your look. Here we are going to help you to get those dramatic eyes. This article is beginner’s guide to choosing right primer,picking good brushes,application of eye shadows correctly and many more fun tips to learn and tricks that one should know. Let’s get started.

Things you will need !
Eye shadows
Small amount of water in a bowl
Eyelash curler


Concealer is considered a vital part while doing eye makeup. You can use a concealer if you want to hide your dark circles, blemishes, age spots, birth spots and so on. It will remove the under eye puffiness and will give your skin a flawless look the one you always wanted to have. You need to use a concealer that blends with your skin tone. Concealer are available in powder and liquid both chose the one that suits your skin tone.


After concealer the next comes the primer. Primer help your eye shadows to last longer and prevents oil from greasing up your eyelids. If you have large pores you can use primer as a base. Primer are made up of components that are safe for your skin and wouldn’t cause any irritation and even helps to prevent aging. It helps your makeup to last longer and don’t smudge on the eye shadow and liner.

Eye shadows

Eye shadows are available in different shades but you need only 3-4 shades to create a basic look. You will be need a highlighter. The highlighter should be one shade lighter than your skin tone. You can also use face highlighter which is a great way to bring a perfect makeup. One matte finish highlighter that will blend the eye shadow softly is also required.

Try using a bronze one.  And a contour shade as well but remember that it should be 2-3 times darker than your skin tone. This will add shape to your eyes. You can also a black eye shadow in a matte finish.


For brushes you need to have at least 3-4 different kinds of brushes. Firstly a flat brush for applying eye shadow. You can use a small smudge brush for detailing but this can be optional. Most importantly a blending brush which is a soft and fluffy.


After applying appropriate amount of concealer and primer blending both of them gently and getting a smooth texture over your skin. Take flat brush and your lightest eye shadow. If you take off too much tap off the excess but never blow up your eye shadow it’s unhygienic. Start applying at the inner corner   of the eye lid this is where we want the concentration of the product to be and then you can blend it across the lid.

Here’s a fun trick – dip your flat tip brush into the water in the bowl take the highlighter and use it inside the eye lid and you will notice the shine it brings to your eyes.
Also use the same highlighter and brush and use it at the arc of your brow. Next take your fluffy brush and mid tone shadow. Keep your eyes open and blend above from arc to eyelids. Next take the contour shade and blend it just in the half way outside of the eye. But don’t blend it too much just take a little bit. Use a fluffy brush to blend it again.

For underneath use the flat brush again. Use mid tone and contour and apply it underneath eyes. You can join to the above edge. To darken the look we will be using our matte finish black shade apply it to the outer area and as close as to the lash line as possible.

Also use the same underneath. Complete this look by using eyelash curler and applying mascara. While using mascara apply it to roots and go outwards. This is the easiest way to apply it. Last but not the least apply your favorite eye liner you can use a liquid one. Either go for a winged one or just a classic make sure it adds up a glamour to your eye makeup.

Following these 5 tips is gonna help you out to get those perfect eyes. Makeup is not easy but practice makes a man perfect. Don’t get disheartened if you’re not happy with your first attempt. Gradually you will gain perfection. Just add a little sparle to your look by just following things said above and keep shining!