People say your eyes are the windows to your soul.  You can tell a lot about how someone’s feeling from looking deep in to their eyes. You can see if they’re truly feeling happy or sad. However, did you know that the color of your eye could have a lot to say about your personality? Everyone’s eyes come in different shapes and sizes, you may have oval shaped eyes and your friend has round eyes.

You might sometimes look at someone else’s eyes and wish that you had their color. If so, have a read of this and maybe you’ll find out that your personality better matches a different color and you can give it a try! Discover what your eye color really says about your personality.


People with grey eyes are very sensitive and thoughtful. They love to daydream and contemplate the world, and as they think a lot they grow to be very wise. This makes them a great friend to have as they are always full of wisdom and helpful advice. They are gentle characters and the least aggressive out of all of the eye colors. They take everything they do very seriously, be it their profession or their love life. They are extremely creative due to their wide imagination.

They are completely loyal so they make a great partner. The only thing you may wish to watch out for with grey eyes is that they are extremely sensitive. In result of this, they tend to over think certain things and can be known to isolate themselves as they get lost in their thoughts. They’re happy to help you out whenever you need them but struggle to help them. If you know someone with grey eyes make sure you don’t just take advice from their wisdom, but are willing to help them out too.


This is most common of all eye colors. This doesn’t make them less important in any way as brown eyes are confident, attractive and spontaneous. People with brown eyes are practical and hands on, and are associated with being hard working. They are independent but are great at meeting new people. Brown eyes are very decisive and know exactly what they want.

This can be a slight downfall at times for brown eyed people as they can be business driven and forget about the sensitivity of others. They don’t mean to hurt you, they’re just strong minded and have a clear vision of their goals and nothing will get in their way. So, it’s best to stand aside and let them get on with it! Brown eyes can be argumentative and sometimes intimidating. Stand your ground and stick with them, you’ll see they have a sweet chocolaty centre beneath the hard shell.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyed people are pleasant, bubbly and full of energy. Blue eyes love to laugh and seek out a good time. As they are so jolly they bring out the best in all of us. They are sincerely kind hearted and will do whatever they can to make you happy. Due to their high levels of energy they are associated with being full of youth. As they are so youthful, they can be slightly naïve and vulnerable. This is due to their pure kindness which makes them at risk to being a push over. If you have a problem or a request they’ll do their very best to make sure you get what you need. Don’t take advantage of a blue eyed person and their kindness!

Although they are extremely nice, when they soon gather the courage to walk away from you, then you’ll realise you’ve lost the best friend or partner you could ever have.


The rarest of all eye colors, green eyes are enchanting to look at. People with green eyes have an air of mystery about them, and they are extremely intelligent and interesting characters. They are curious about everything and have a zest for life. They are constantly learning from every new experience they undertake which makes them build up a wide knowledge. They are passionate and are known to be great intimate lovers! They’re hardworking and very successful in their professional life. However, have you heard of the green eyed monster? People with green eyes can become extremely jealous.

This uncontrollable envy can be a serious downside when you are their partner. You just need to make them well aware that they’re the only one for you and it’ll help calm their jealous monster streak. Also, most green eyed people are great partners but watch out. They’re very clever and use their strong looks to get what they want. Make sure you don’t get hurt! But once someone with green eyes truly falls in love with you they’ll be yours forever.

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