We girls love to look beautiful and radiance and why not it’s our birthright and all the girls out there should understand the importance of looking beautiful. One of the important steps for achieving that beauty is waxing. The process of waxing is very painful and I think 80% of girls will agree with me. And though who don’t I salute them for their patience and power. But now I am going to tell you an easy way to go through this process. Girls and you will find it cheaper too.

Sometimes the wax used by a beautician or the spa is very unhealthy and even they use the same utensil and spreader and I personally don’t like that. For me, the best way is to do waxing at home. One more problem that I encounter is a selection of the right brand and wax.

And wait why to select when I can create the best at my home.

Yes we can create chocolate wax at home

Before moving to that I should explain to you the importance of using chocolate wax.

Chocolate wax has components that calm your skin’s shell unlike normal wax and hence relaxes and expands skin pores so that the process of waxing becomes easier and less excruciating. Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore redness that is usually accompanied with regular waxing does not happen in this case.

A perfumed action is induced in this form of waxing because it comes in different flavors including dark or white chocolate, hazelnut, banana or orange. It removes tan that occurs with no trouble and discourages its growth.

The procedure of chocolate waxing is related to that of the method for regular waxing. but, there are certain differences and guidelines you may need to accept in the brain.

  1. Start the course of action of waxing by applying face powder on the region where you are using wax. It is essential to do a patch trail to see if your skin reacts favorably to the wax. Although, chocolate is non-allergenic; there are other apparatus that may cause allergies so it is better to carry out a patch trial.

  2. Do not roast chocolate wax like the way it is done for regular wax. Scorching hot damages excellence of your skin and also reduces the class of chocolate wax. Manageable heat is just about sufficient for chocolate waxing.

  3. Chocolate wax is excellent since it removes even the smallest of hairs. There is no requirement for applying a large section of wax on an unambiguous segment of your skin. You can be traditional with the quantity of wax needed.

  4. Concern a skinny layer in the same direction as your hair growth and pull the wax strip at a distance for the best outcome.

  5. Chocolate wax reduces growth and delays spurts of hair, unlike regular wax. Chocolate waxing is no longer an option available only at luxury salons and spas. Get the profit of a good wax right from the ease of your home.

Chocolate Waxing – Ingredients

  1. The prototypical component of chocolate wax is the cocoa bean. This wax is also constituted by other skin responsive and favorable components such as glycerin, sunflower, minerals, and seeds.

  2. You need to simply melt the chocolate and cocoa bean and make a gel out of it and add glycerin and other favorable components to it and create a wax sticky out of it.

  3. Besides aiding the procedure of waxing successfully, these essentials are advantageous for healthy skin in more traditions than one. They make your skin smooth and radiant and brush away dead skin cells that gather on your skin’s surface.

I hope you gonna enjoy the process of waxing more than ever.