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Confused about your next large size swimsuit? We will help you find the ideal swimsuit that will enhance your figure! What are the important factors for choosing a large swimsuit?

Swimwear specially designed for large sizes

Whether you assume your shape a little, a lot or not at all, there is a swimsuit made for you. To be comfortable and maintained, be sure to set your sights on a swimsuit that will be specially designed for large sizes.

As with bras, ensuring comfort and support for generous breasts requires specific construction: wide straps, elastic, rigid linings, etc.

Know how to sublimate or hide your forms in a swimsuit

For this, you must choose a jersey according to its morphology but not only! A range of tips exists to draw attention to your assets and erase imperfections.

It is well known that dark colors tend to refine, but do not stop there. Choose a V shape that will enhance your cleavage while minimizing it with a trompe l’oeil effect.

For the stockings, play with shapes, cuts, and patterns. Depending on whether your hips are wide or thin, they will erase or highlight your shapes.

A swimsuit adapted to your leisure

What will be your program this summer: 100% sunbathing, surfing, and swimming? Consider this when choosing your plus size swimwear.

To chain the lengths, nothing better than a 1-piece swimsuit. It will marry your body and maintain your chest. Ideal not to be slowed down! The 2-piece swimsuit will also help you break records if you avoid those with a simple lacing at the hips or tied at the back with a simple string.

If you plan to surf, avoid too low-cut swimsuits: less comfortable, their support is also reduced and they can let your forms escape the bends of an overly powerful wave.

Choose your large swimsuit according to your morphology

Wearing a swimsuit well is above all the art of highlighting your shapes! Here is a series of tips to learn how to play with the types of jersey and patterns according to your body type.

Morphology in A

Your shoulders are narrow, your hips are wide and your thighs round… so draw your eyes to your chest! Put all your strengths on your neckline, you will rebalance your figure.

Put a two-piece swimsuit in your beach bag. Opt for a top that will be enhanced with worked details: crossed heart, frills, and other fancies. Preferably, choose a shape that will shape your chest like the Belle Ile swimsuit.

The ideal is to associate it with a simple and plain bottom. Avoid the panties or briefs that will mark your hips and accentuate your belly, or else all your efforts would be in vain.

If you still choose a one-piece swimsuit, select a model whose construction or design gives pride of place to the neckline. You will keep all the attention on the chest. Otherwise, it is to be left in the cupboard because it would weigh down your figure.

Morphology in H

The H-shaped figures have shoulders as wide as the hips and the waist are not very marked. What do you need? A large size swimsuit that feminizes by creating volume where there is none.

Highlight your chest with a round or V neckline. The bottom should be enhanced with a belt or glamorous details to emphasize your size (links, buttons, frills…).

Do not limit yourself to dark colors. Feminine colors are also your allies to give glamor to your figure!

Do you prefer a one-piece swimsuit? Adopt it only if its cut refines the bust with seams or vertical lines or if a belt underlines the size for example. In addition, do not forget the plunging neckline!

Other tips: avoid the headband, which generally does not have much support and which flattens the chest. Horizontal lines are also to be avoided because they accentuate the width of your waist and your shoulders.

V morphology

You have square shoulders and narrow hips. It is by drawing your gaze down that you will sublimate your silhouette!

For this, prefer a simple swimsuit top with underwire or with a support band to support your chest.

The bottom will have the mission to highlight you. Choose it with worked finishes.

Knots, frills or a belt will give volume to your hips and will have a trompe l’oeil effect to minimize your chest.

If you prefer a 1-piece swimsuit, keep this principle in mind as well. You will need a model covering at the hips to give an impression of volume. Well-chosen prints can also help give a size to your hips.

Morphology in O

A silhouette all in harmony and roundness: your shoulders are not too marked, your chest is generous, your hips pronounced and your belly plump.

It is this last detail that you will have to work on. To do this, choose a large swimsuit that does not emphasize your belly: a brief or dark swimsuit that comes in at the waist if you opt for a 2-piece swimsuit.

Your best ally will be the one-piece swimsuit. Prefer a yoke that refines the solid color silhouette or with repeating patterns. They will clear your belly with a trompe l’oeil effect.

Another solution: tankini. This swimsuit is a mix of the 1 and 2-piece swimsuit. The bikini top is extended like a tank top that hides the belly. Less tight than a 1 piece, you can lift it up for the time to get a tan!

Whichever model you prefer, forget about the waist finishes that will draw attention to your belly. On the other hand, be sure to choose a V-neck that will highlight your chest.

Morphology in X

Beautiful generous chest, wide hips and narrower waist: With this silhouette, everything suits you! So, highlight your assets with a 1- or 2-piece swimsuit that will accentuate your wasp size.

The only downside is the excessively large prints that weigh down the silhouette! Avoid them and you will be on top this summer.

How to hide your belly in a swimsuit?

Play with shapes and prints! The 1-piece swimsuit will refine your figure. Choose it dark or with vertical bands that will slim the belly, a V-neck that will guide the eye and with wide straps. Even more effective, the sheathing models that will have a more visible effect. As for the prints, they will hide the belly and erase its plump appearance.

With a two-piece swimsuit, opt for high briefs that will hide the belly and bring a pin-up touch to your beach look.

The tankini is the trendy swimsuit that will hide your belly. Between the 1 and 2-piece swimsuit, it will delight large sizes with its half bikini top, a half tank top that enhances the neckline without being tight.

Finally, avoid horizontal bands that widen the silhouette or mark your shapes with swimsuits with strings or too small. Do not hesitate to make several fittings to find the large swimsuit that will hide your belly.


Finding the large swimsuit according to its morphology will become the obsession of some. Choosing a large swimsuit according to its morphology is not a headache for you because you can wear everything!

On the other hand, almost… It all depends on how you feel in your body, if a small belly bothers you, take a sheathing model, as a bonus, it will mark your size. For the buttocks, we suggest the skirt.