For a long time, fashion has mostly been associated with the womankind. In the late twentieth century, with the increased influence of media and movies, the craving to look fashionable and trendy took over the male gender too. For ages, it was a common perception that since women’s clothing offers a lot to play around, they need to keep up with the evolving trends, while the options are pretty basic and limited when it comes to men. However, over the years fashion designers have managed to innovate a lot and men do lookup to seasonal runways to pick up clues about the latest fashion trends.

Speaking of men and fashion, the evergreen fashion symbol that drives men’s fashion clothing has been the denim. This twentieth-century invention has never managed to out of style and has always remained a staple wardrobe garment for almost all men around the globe. Interestingly, fashion designers have managed to play around with denim over the years, and today it can be worn in many ways. Here are a few hottest denim trends that you must follow in 2018.

 Black Indigo Ripped Jeans

The darker tones of denim with indigo cut started to pick up in the 2017 winters but made its way in favorite consumer fashion in 2018. Zayn Malik and many other western celebrities have been spotted sporting a black ripped jeans in indigo cut quite a few times since the year had started. This had set a precedent for 2018, that black is the way to wear jeans this year. The indigo cut is, in essence, a men’s slim fit jeans and can be worn with or without being ripped at the knees. However, since the 90s style heavily dominates the 2018 fashion, the cut is the buzzword this year in men’s fashion jeans. Visit differio to explore more denim trends.

 Patchwork Jeans

If you are still a blue denim loyalist and are looking for some cool jeans for guys, consider the patchwork jeans for men. This innovative variant is a stylish men’s jeans that draws its inspiration from the recent wave of DIY clothing and roughed up denim trends. It is a perfect blend of both offerings being rough at the seams and patches of colored denim sewn together to give out a unique casual look. If you are someone with a carefree attitude and love to experiment with your clothing, you should give this one a shot.


Remember the favorite fashion jeans from the 90s where the jeans were folded up at the hems? The trend is back with a bang in 2018. The jeans are turned up inside out at the hems giving out a cropped look and is finished with a stitch to hold the hem. The style goes best with straight cuts and is best for those who would like to maintain elegance while remaining fashionable at the same time.

If you do not want to experiment with anything, and would like to stick to the basics, remember that the classic blue straight cut jeans will never go out of fashion. It is a wardrobe staple that you can always trust whenever you are in a clothing crisis.