Lapel pins are useful for businesses. Companies can use them to improve brand visibility, promote an event, product, or service and foster a sense of belonging among employees.

If you’re planning to use these pins for your organisation, you may want to give them that “wow” factor that will distinguish them from an ordinary-looking badge. By adding a unique flair to your soft or hard enamel lapel pins, you can make your accessories eye-catching and interesting.

You can do the following customisations to add some visual ‘pop’ to your pin design.

Glitter Paint

Glitter paint is a common way to add spark to a pin. It makes a simple design look flashy and stunning. It also attracts individuals who might be interested in adding your badge to their pin collection.

Design Tip: Use glitter paint on details covering a large area, such as the design’s body or background, to better contrast the pin’s surrounding details. Additionally, it’s a good idea to add this paint on a hard enamel pin. Though glitter paint can look fantastic on a soft enamel pin, unfortunately, it gives the badge a flaky feel. Adding this paint on a hard enamel gives the accessory a sparkling finish and seals the surface effectively.


These are smaller pieces of metal that you can attach to a pin design. Their function is similar to that of a keychain. Danglers can be cut-to-shape to complement your main design. This addition makes your pin design pop by adding movement to the accessory.

Design Tip: If you want to personalise a pin to a specific event, you can add a dangler that contains the date of the event. You may also take it up a notch by adding multiple danglers with different designs.


These add-ons are similar in concept to danglers. The only difference is that spinners are twirling rather than hanging from the bottom. Spinner badges have two pins and a rivet, enabling the object to spin freely. These accessories open the door to out-of-the-box designs that you can’t produce with a static pin. If you’re looking to give something free to your customers, spinner pins would be a great gift idea.

Design Tip: Instead of merely tacking on a moving component to a random design area, incorporate the movement from the start of the design. This way, the moving part doesn’t look ‘forced’ or out of place.

Rainbow Plating

A rainbow-plated pin contains anodised metal, which radiates different colours when it shifts or turns. It’s vivid at first glance and mimics the look of a holographic trading card. Rainbow plating is especially stunning for designs with a silhouette or lots of empty spaces, to best showcase the changing colours.

Design Tip: You don’t need to use enamel paint if you’re going to incorporate rainbow plating into the lapel pin. If you want to add some coloured text or details to the pin, use strong neutral colours, such as white and black, to provide contrast with the anodised metal.

Glitter paint, danglers, spinners and rainbow plating are excellent ways to add some zing into a boring-looking pin. These extras can help grab people’s attention in trade shows and allow you to promote your organisation’s product, service or brand effectively.