Nail art is way to make your hand look more beautiful. But sometime we are left behind as we are unable to come up with different nail art. It is always assumed that for a best nail you need to go to parlor and spent money. But girls when I am here why to fear. Today I am going to tell you some simple nail art that you can do yourself and boaster your style.

Applying Different color on all your fingers: When it comes to nail Art you can paint different color on each of your finger. But one thing you should take care off is the color combination you select. These nail art is totally depended on the color combo of the nail paint. But girls remember apply two to three coats of nail paint and should be applied after complete drying of the previous coat.

Alto Color nail Art: When you are wearing some Indian it is always seen that it is generally a combo of two colors. Select the two color nail paint matching to the color code of your dress and apply alternatively on the finger….It gonna blush your look…………

Trend setter Nail Art: Now a day’s most trendy Nail art is to paint the Ring finger with different color and rest of the finger with different color. You can create your own by changing the finger of the different color.

Green and red hot nail art: Apply Parrot green color nail paint on every finger. Allow it to dry. If required apply two coats. Now take a tooth pick and dip that in red color nail paint and gently apply dot with the red color nail paint randomly on the nails of the fingers. You can use synchronized or unsynchronized dots. You can select you own color combo and give it your own twist. If you find yourself a artist you can use that tooth pick as the brush and show your creativity.

Nail Art pens: Now it’s easier to create your own nail art design by using easily available nail art pen which is smile in its application and event a non artist can create and expert style art.

Instead of following style create your own style with the twist and let other to follow your

Style ………..

If you find these interesting then what are you waiting for go and get your style ready nail arts………