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The charm of movies stays for longer in people’s thought but the actual charm that stays the longest time period is of dramas as the one episode end up you ultimately started to wait for the next. It let your mind leave all the tensions and enjoy it. People think about that what would be going to be the next thing in it. They predict and assume different scenarios of afterwards episodes. Drama series sometimes portrays our own lives. Another such drama which filled the boring lives with colors is “Brooklyn nine-nine” which actually gave the audience a scoop full of witty laughter.


The story revolves around the character of a detective Jake Peralta, working in a police precinct Brooklyn nine-nine along with his co-worker’s team. He is a handsome guy wearing the Jake Peralta Leather Jacket to make his character more interesting to viewers, it is truly making him be loved by every lady and every girl.  He has the best criminal arresting records and also considered as the best worker in his field. But a problem arises with his unique way of working. Although he was best in his profession but the way he lives was totally weird and carefree. It was the real charm of the play which made it truly interesting and indifferent.


The Detective Jake Peralta has been designed so dynamically by the genuine leather material. The genuine leather is considered to be the best leather being obtained from animals skin. The most recommended leather which is generally used is obtained from cows skin. The skin passes through several steps to bring out a perfect leather piece for the wearer. The main process includes in the manufacturing of leather is tanning.

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Jake Leather Jacket is detailed with an impressive stand-up collar and the front zipper closure. It is accessorized with front lapel style collar and zipper pockets to make it more fascinating. The phenomenal long sleeves with knitted cuffs are creating it truly damn hot. Lastly but so important the knitted hemline, dwelling with other features to make it perfect for the daredevil role of a detective. It is crafted in the ever demanding color ‘the black’.

The drama Brooklyn nine-nine got so much popularity and became a top hit. It won several awards for the best comedy serial, people demanded to make more sequels of it. The other characters who attributed to making it more hysterical include the hot and sexy detective Rosa Diaz, a serious commanding officer Captain Ray Holt having a contradictory attitude with Jake who wants him to get serious in his life and respect his designation. Other interesting characters in the drama are Detective Amy Santiago, Detective Charles Boyle, Detective Sergeant Terry Jeffords and Gina Linetti  whose combined efforts created this unexceptional laughter piece for you.