Want to look good on your first date? Then here are some tips to help you achieve a look that will leave you feeling great, from giving yourself some ‘me time’ before the date to tips on achieving a natural makeup look:


In the hours leading up to your first date, relax. You won’t have a good look on your date if you’re stressed out and anxious, so take some ‘me time’ in the hours leading up to your date and relax. It might be a work out at the gym, a stroll in the park or a good book and a cup of tea, but give yourself some time to enjoy an activity that helps you to feel relaxed.


Refresh yourself with a rejuvenating scented bath and ensure you have clean, fresh hair.  Don’t try out any new beauty treatments just before your date, simply use what’s tried and tested and works for you. Also, avoid a facial just before a date, as it could leave your face feeling and looking sensitive.

Be yourself

Be yourself and don’t try too hard or go over the top when it comes to your clothes or makeup. Also, don’t dramatically change your looks just before your date; just be yourself, after all, it’s you, your date’s asked out. He likes you just the way you are. Simply enhance your natural beauty, with a few carefully chosen touches of makeup to boost your confidence.

A natural look

beauty tips for a date

When it comes to your skin go for a natural look. Cover dark circles and blemishes with a carefully applied concealer that matches your skin. If you haven’t already, discover the delights of mineral foundation, which will give you a flawless and radiant complexion, helping you to feel the best version of yourself. Look for a blusher that complements your skin tone and will enhance your features. When it comes to the colour of your eyes and lips, go for your usual hues; just don’t overdo them, ere on the side of ‘less is more.’ Look for a mascara that will add volume to your eyelashes, but doesn’t clump and use an eyelash curler to define their shape. Finish off your look with a quick spritz of perfume, but like your make-up don’t overdo it, keep it light. Do take a small basic make-up set with you, so you can maintain your flawless complexion and reapply your lipstick – boosting your confidence throughout the evening.

Be comfortable

When it comes to your clothes, you want to feel confident and suitably dress – but most of all you should be comfortable. Consider the time of day, weather and where you’re meeting, when choosing your outfit – so you’re not left in a panic or dealing with a last minute wardrobe malfunction – give your outfit some thought in good time. Moreover, if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, then don’t wear it, as it will leave you feeling awkward and on edge all night. Just like your hair and make-up, don’t opt for something too far removed from a look you’ve tried before and in which you feel confident.

So there you have some tips on how to look good on a first date, we hope you have a great night out.