If you are looking to enhance your look, you may be considering lip fillers – often a choice for some of the Beauty Gurus that can be found on Instagram. However, before you make your appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, you will need to consider whether or not Dermal Fillers are right for you and your overall appearance.

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers, also known as Hyaluronic Acid Fillers/ Dermal Fillers, are used to plump up the appearance of a person’s lips. As Hyaluronic Acid is a substance naturally found within the body, it is considered one of the safest lip fillers around. However, as this substance naturally breaks down within the body, the filler itself is temporary. This means that they will need to be reinjected every six to nine months, with semi-permanent fillers lasting around two years.

Will they suit my face?

Consider your face shape before you choose to utilise dermal fillers. Many people are too afraid to use fillers if they have a round face, as they believe that by enlarging their lips, these will look out of proportion in relation to their face. Whilst you should consider how your cheeks and the proportion of your face in relation to your lips, a Dermal Filler will solely enhance its natural features. Your lips will never look too large if you choose the right surgeon to assist you, as the appearance of your lips will mainly depend on the surgeon who injects the filler into your lip. Pick the right surgeon and you will surely have a perfect pair of sultry lips.

Safety and Lip Fillers

If you are considering lip fillers, then you need to ensure that you pick the perfect cosmetic surgery to help you with the treatment. Always be sure to do your research on your nearby surgeries and look into their reputations in the community, as well as reading any reviews about their service. A recommended surgery, such as Ten Dental and its Ten Dental Facial Procedures, will always give you full information about the procedures and will welcome in meetings between you (as the patient) and your surgeon. You should also visit the surgery to confirm its cleanliness and to get to know your surgeon fully.

When you meet your surgeon, you are more than welcome to question them about the procedure. Feel free to ask them about the cleanliness of their instruments (i.e. the injections) and whether or not there will be any pain during the procedure.

What if the Treatment goes wrong?

If you react badly to your Dermal Fillers then do not worry. Your surgeon will have the experience needed to prescribe you medication or treatment to reverse the effects of the lip fillers. Your surgeon can also dissolve the filler within your lips if you do not like the results. This is why you should always go to a cosmetic surgeon for your fillers instead of a beautician or a spa. A beautician has not had the training that a cosmetic surgeon will have undertaken in order to keep their patients safe, therefore they cannot guarantee the outcome of their treatment.