Are you a fan of varsity jackets? This amazing versatile garment dates back for many decades. Today, it has turned from a uniform to an all-purpose jacket, which you can wear all year round.

Depending on the color and material you choose, varsity jackets can serve as warm coats, an addition to your style, a seduction weapon, and much more. Knowing how to wear your favorite jacket can help you look stylish and make dreams come true.

1. Open Dresses

Thankfully, today, fashion allows our imagination to run wild. With a varsity jacket, you can wear virtually any type of open shoulders and deep cleavage dress in the spring or fall without being afraid to freeze.

If you think a prom dress doesn’t look amazing with a varsity jacket, think again. The mix of fluffiness and lightness with a sporty look can be priceless.

We’ve seen a bride wear a varsity jacket over her wedding dress, and it looked fantastic!

2. Classy Outfits

If you have a strict office dress code, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a varsity jacket. In fact, if you invest in letterman jackets from any store, you can easily wear them over a suit.

A mistake many people make is thinking that all varsity jackets look more or less the same. Thankfully, they don’t. You could always find one to look amazing with a classy outfit.

3. Short Denim Shorts

If you want to look extra sexy, wear short denim shorts with a varsity jacket. Don’t worry about feeling too hot in a jacket. You can always invest in a cotton option, which can look and feel amazing in the summer.

4. White T-Shirt

Are you a fan of white t-shirts but think that they need something extra to look good? A varsity jacket is that extra touch you’ve been thinking about.

The perfect combination is a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a varsity jacket. Any color of the jacket can work with such a mix.

5. Leather Pants

Wearing leather pants involves some bravery and a great sense of fashion. If you aren’t sure what to wear with leather bottoms, a varsity jacket can save the day. It acts as a neutralizing factor to the poshness of the leather attire.

6. Sweats

Don’t you love how comfortable your sweats are? Meanwhile, walking around the city in them may not seem like a fashionable idea. Everything changes, when you add a varsity jacket. You get a smart and sporty look while feeling warm and comfortable on cool summer nights.

7. Tights and Skirts

Do you favor the tights and skirt combination? It always looks stylish and comfortable. However, finding a jacket to match this mix may be a problem. Consider trying a varsity jacket. Stick to neutral and cool colors in order for the jacket to complement the image, not highlight it.

8. High Heels

When you think about shoes to match varsity jackets, don’t limit yourself to sneakers or flats. High heels look amazing with varsity jackets, changing your entire image. Just as the case with dresses, the mix of chic and sporty looks truly amazing.

9. School Uniform

The last but not the least is a school uniform. Whatever uniform your school tells you to wear can look amazing with a varsity jacket. These jackets allow you to diversify your style without going against the school rules.

The most amazing property of the varsity jacket is its ability to suit virtually any image. Don’t hesitate to experiment!