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Currently, there are over 2.5 million people working in the healthcare industry today. That means every day millions of people who want to look good at work find themselves with one option… scrubs.

With their baggy often shapeless design and solid color scheme, they are the definition of function over fashion. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Wearing scrubs can look chic while still being professional. If you want to find the best fitting scrubs to match your personality keep reading.

Use Layers to Make Your Uniform More Personal

It’s no secret if you’ve ever walked into a hospital that it feels like you just entered a refrigerator. These freezing temperatures make layering a great option both for style and professionalism.

Having a camisole under your scrubs can add a touch of color to an otherwise boring or monochromatic uniform. They can also be a good way to experiments with bold patterns without overpowering your uniform.

One of the best ways to layer is to add longer sleeves under your scrub top. This provides you with extra protection for your arms as well as looking cool.

You can also choose colors that complement the scrubs your wearing. For example, green scrubs may pair with a red undershirt for Christmas season look.

The best thing about layers is how versatile they are. Jackets and lab coats provide a personal and professional touch to your outfit and can be easily carried around in tote bags or backpacks.

Get the Best Fitting Scrubs Possible

One of the worst things about scrubs is that they’re often very baggy which can, unfortunately, make people look like a formless shape and destroy your silhouette.

Luckily this is the easiest problem to remedy. Get form fitting scrubs. Whether you get your scrubs tailored or you buy in store there are tons of options to find nice scrubs.

The most overlooked place to search for scrubs is online. Many people feel that because they can’t try wearing scrubs before they purchase they won’t fit correctly. But this defiantly isn’t true.

There are tons of places online to that will help you get the best fitting scrubs possible. If you want to find scrubs that fit you can read more about it online.

The key to getting the right fit when it comes to scrubs is to know your body shape. Whether you’re a pear or an apple shape there’s a pair of scrubs to fit your shape.

Choose Prints That Match Your Personality

Gone are the days of monochromatic scrubs. Now we have all kinds of patterns.

You can pick scrubs with your favorite characters or sports teams or even holiday designs.

One of the best things about the different patterns is that they let you personalize your scrubs to your workplace. For example, if you work with children you can choose patterns that have popular cartoon characters and wacky patterns to make them feel less intimidating.

Patterns also allow you to mix and match designs for your scrubs. One of the best options is to pick a patterned top with a more subdued bottom. Or to pick

Pick Accessories That Flatter You

Having the right rings and earrings can make you feel like a million dollars. By wearing diamonds or more shiny earrings you draw a lot of attention to your face.

If you choose to wear a lot of jewelry you should pair it with more subtle patterns or more muted colors. This contrast creates a nice balance that makes you look stylish without being over the top.

Though accessories are a great way to make your uniform look more flattering you should always check with your workplace so you know what jewelry is appropriate.

You should also make sure that the jewelry is well cared for. Not taking care of your jewelry may make you look a lot less stylish then you want.

Care for Your Scrubs Carefully

A major “style don’t” when it comes to scrubs is letting wear and tear damage your scrubs. This is by far one of the easiest ways to look unprofessional and to project a negative image.

A style is all about looking good and nothing makes you look worse than not caring for yourself. Things like wrinkles, loose strands, stains or holes both look bad and damage your credibility.

The best way to care for your scrub before they get damaged is to make sure the hem of your pants doesn’t drag across the floor. To do this ensure that your pants are a quarter inch off the floor.

You should also frequently check for stains that you’ve missed before they permanently settle.

Get Your Hair Done

Sometimes you need to accept the things you can’t change and change the things you can. Whether your hair is long or short natural or permed there are ways to use that to improve your look.

The first step is making sure that your hair matches your face shape and that it’s usually pulled back. And to make sure that it’s color fits with the makeup you typically wear.

Color Is Everything

When people want advice about how to wear scrubs that look good you should look no further than your color pallet.

Choosing the right color is an art and science so you should invest in colors that work well with your complexion.

Look Good Inside of Scrubs and Out

Looking and feeling good at work helps you stand out but finding the best fitting scrubs is only part of the equation. If you need more style and fashion tips then contact us we’d love to hear from you.