You know the drill: You want to look polished and put together each morning, but then the minutes seem to slip by. And soon you are racing out of the door, having had to choose between finishing your beauty regimen and getting to work on time.

It is a significant struggle for the majority of busy women, and it can seem like it is impossible to have the best of both worlds.

However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, as improvements in beauty technology are making it easier than ever to simplify your daily routine.

From specialty facials to semi-permanent nail polish, here are three things that are guaranteed to bring you a more efficient beauty routine.

1. Regular Facials

No matter how much time and money you spend on your beauty products, there is nothing that can compare to having clear and glowing natural skin.
Facials are the answer. Just as you (hopefully) exercise to sustain the health of your body, by scheduling frequent facials, you are helping to maintain your skin’s fresh, youthful appearance.

Undoubtedly, the best facial treatment in Doha (and anywhere else in the world) is done with Guinot products — the leading company for technology and science within the skin industry. One of the key aspects of a Guinot facial is the pre-consultation. During this time, a professional Guinot Guru will investigate your skin to ascertain your current skin type, and then discuss with you the suitable facial for your skin’s needs.

This ensures that you are getting the most optimal facial for your skin — one that will work to preserve and nourish your face while assisting you in getting the clear, balanced and healthy skin you desire.

2. Eyebrow Tinting

If you are looking to save time getting ready in the morning (and who isn’t?), then one of the easiest ways to cut out some minutes while still looking presentable is to get your eyebrows tinted. Done with a semi-permanent vegetable dye, eyebrow tinting enhances the look of your lashes. This, in turn, causes your eyes to appear brighter and provides more definition and structure to your face.

What’s more, by getting your eyebrows tinted, you can use the tint as a guide if and when you choose to fill in your eyebrows with makeup. Even by itself, eyebrow tinting will make your eyebrows look thicker, and make the sparse areas seem less striking.

Usually, an eyebrow tinting session only takes 15-30 minutes, and the results last for four to six weeks. Working with a highly qualified brow technician will ensure that you get the best results and reap the benefits.

For women who are weary of following a time-consuming morning makeup routine, eyebrow tinting is a fantastic way to cut down your morning makeup regimen. It allows you to head to work looking fabulous with minimal effort.

3. Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

There is nothing more frustrating than looking down at your fingers and seeing chipped nail polish. The problem is that regular polish frequently chips, and it can be timely and costly to get your nails done constantly.

Luckily, there is a solution —  semi-permanent nail polish.

Utilizing LED technology, Shellac semi-permanent nail polish goes on as smoothly as regular polish, but it also has the added benefit of lasting as long as gel polish. Shellac dries extremely quickly, ensuring that you don’t have to spend hours waiting at the salon.

Plus, once you leave, you don’t have to stress about instantly chipping or smudging the polish. Not only that, but your nails will also be protected by the Shellac which helps them to get stronger.

Generally, you can expect up to three weeks of perfect nails, which grants you a lot more time to get everything else on your to-do list sorted.

What treatments or products do you know that can bring the maximum impact with the minimum effort? Are you considering adding any of these options to your beauty and wellness routine? Let us know your thoughts and any tips and tricks you may have in the comments below!