Engagement diamond rings bonding is a step closer to tying the knot and making a promise to be together forever. While many may argue that there is no need to go all spendthrifts for an engagement ring, the truth is that this ring too holds a certain value in both your lives. Whether you opt to propose with a family heirloom ring or go for engagement rings the choice of the ring reflects how well you know each other. Diamonds are the most popular choice in the stone and platinum now competes with gold in terms of the ideal band choice. But, whatever choice you make, you need to invest a good deal of thought and time in choosing the ring.

Choosing the perfect Engagement Diamond Rings

You can opt for customized  rings but that depends on the time you have and the budget you are on. But, before you make a decision to buy, there are a few factors about the engagement  rings that you should keep in mind. These are:

  • Follow the 4c of choosing diamond – When you buy a diamond, you should always remember that there are 4 Cs for choosing the right diamond for your engagement . The 4 Cs stands for – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.
    • The cut of the diamond determines its shine. All diamonds are dull when mined, and the shine they get is all thanks to the angles that they are cut in. these angles determines the shine and dazzle of the stone.
    • Next is the color which might not be too noticeable but the pricing tells the story. Often people likes to have a certain tint to their  rings so you need to look accordingly.
    • The clarity again reflects the shine of the diamond. There are grades which let you know if the diamond is flawless or has a few faults which again reflect on the price.
    • The carat determines the weight of the stone. This determines the price you need to pay and the overall weight of the stone.

  • Know the size – While looking for the ideal sizes of the diamond rings you also need to know the size of your partner’s ring finger especially if you are planning on surprising them.
  • Consult each other – Gone are the days when only the guy proposes and the girl wears the ring. Nowadays girls too hunt for the ideal engagement diamond rings for their guy. Love is two ways, why should a promise of togetherness be not so? Thus it is better to know the kind of design your partner would like. Whether they want a huge ring or something understated, single stone or multiple stones or whether they want no stone, each decision should be made after consulting each other.
  • Look online too – With the e-commerce world taking over every aspect, jewelries too aren’t left behind. One of the best ways to have an idea about the different engagement diamond rings and their pricing is to go and check online stores. Besides these, many brands that have a physical store have websites to make purchases easier for their customers. These stores also offer expert guidance and discounts on purchases.

Set your own trend

When you are opting for  diamond rings for engagements you need to keep in mind that the person wearing the ring is someone you share a history with. Following a trend might not always be the idea. Customizing the ring with specific quotes or opting for a unique cut and color in terms of diamonds often works wonders for people. But most importantly, when you are looking for engagement diamond rings you should always consider working with the jeweler directly so that you can fit your dream ring within your desired budget.