There are a lot of factors you can consider when it comes to looking for ways to know your hair is healthy. It includes length, volume, shininess, and smoothness. Apart from that, it’s also essential to understand the signs of damaged hair such as brittle strands, breakage, split ends, and more.

The use of heat styling tools, frequent swimming in chlorine pools, and back-to-back dye jobs are some of the things that can damage your hair. With that, it’s essential to get familiar with the different factors to help you determine your hair health. You can start on focusing its thickness and length, which can help you know exactly your hair health.

The heat, UV, and chemical damage are some of the factors that can prevent your hair from looking lovely and staying healthy. If you’re not sure how healthy your hair is, check out these five signs to help you know it’s healthy and strong.

Your Scalp is Dandruff Free

Dandruff is a condition in your scalp that causes flakes of your skin to appear. It’s often accompanied by itching that’s hard to treat. One of its primary causes is when you don’t wash or brush your hair regularly. The hair that grows from your dandruff-affected scalp can also get significant damages compared to the hair that grows from a healthy scalp.

However, having a healthy scalp is essential for you to grow healthy hair. You can tell that your scalp is healthy if it has a pigment that’s similar to the skin from your face and body which has no irritation or redness. With that, you can help grow healthier hair while preventing it from getting damages by keeping your scalp free of dandruff.

Shed a Few Strands Daily

Shedding is a natural process that occurs daily. Your hair grows in cycles, and each follicle will undergo its growth stage that can last from two to eight years. After that, your hair strand will fall out, and new hair will grow. With that, you can consider that you have healthy hair if you only lose a small amount of hair by the end of your day.

Shedding includes falling your hair into your bed while you’re asleep, falling out in your shower, or into your brush or comb. Typically, you can lose about 80 strands of hair daily. Your follicles can help grow about 80 to 90 percent of your hair at one time while the rest of them naturally rest or shed.

You Experience Minimal Breakage


Hair breakage occurs when your hair shaft breaks, which can result in split ends while making its strand shorter. Dryness and damage in your scalp area are one of the causes of hair breakage. It can also be a result of excessive usage of heat styling products, chemical buildup, and the use of the wrong hairbrush.

You can avoid getting hair breakage by utilizing the right shampoo, such as best purple shampoo and conditioner. It’s a way to protect your hair from damages like dryness while ensuring that its smooth and silky. Thus, experiencing minimal breakage is one of the signs that your hair is healthy without lacking moisture and elasticity.

Your Strands Can Repel Water

One of the essential ways to know that your hair is healthy is when it can repel water. Healthy hair can do it since its cuticles are closed. You’ll see the condition of your cuticles through a water test which includes placing your hair into a bowl of water. Healthy hair strands will float while damaged hair may allow water in which makes it denser.

Its weight can cause damaged hair to sink during the water test. Apart from that, it’s also essential to know how fast or slow your hair dries. If your hair takes a long time to dry, then it indicates that it’s incredibly porous and damaged. You can prevent it from happening by washing your hair with prescribed shampoo and conditioner daily.

Your Hair is Shiny

You can tell that your hair is healthy if it’s shiny. You can also say that it’s healthy if it’s silky and smooth. Its brilliant and sought-after texture can be the result of a smooth cuticle. It’s a shingle shaped outer layer of your hair that’s responsible for protecting its shaft.

The cuticle also works best when its shingles can sit tightly overlapped on top of it. It’s a way to allow it to reflect light, which can make your hair looks shiny and smooth. Additionally, your hair can also look shiny in its natural slate if your cuticles are lying flat while creating a smooth surface where the light can bounce off.


There are a few signs to help you know that your hair is healthy. It includes experiencing minimal shedding and breakage, your scalp is free of dandruff, your strand can repel water, and your hair is shiny. You can achieve them by adopting healthy hair habits, which can help you achieve stronger and healthy-looking hair that stands out.