You must be head over heels in love with your significant other. Whether or not you have already proposed her/him for marriage, a mere thought of spending your life with them can give you chills.

Well, buying an engagement ring is one of the first things you will do before you get married. You can choose from a range of designs like infinity rings or classic diamond engagement rings. However, there is a lot more to the engagement rings that what you see on the surface. There are various other factors than the look and price of the engagement ring, which makes it far more critical. Below are some factors that explain the importance of your engagement ring.

1 – Meaning of Circle Shape

The engagement ring comes in the shape of the circle. Each shape in the geometry has a significant meaning, and so does the circle. It neither has an end nor any beginning, so it represents an infinite love that will never end.

The circle also denotes that everything happens for a reason and how two beautiful souls come together to share their life. The ring is also symbolic of the sun, moon, and planet, bringing together all the essence of life.

2 – Science behind the Left Ring Finger

The ancient Romans started the practice wearing a ring on the left finger. Romans believed that one of the veins from the left finger directly connects with the heart, and they called it ‘Vena Amoris’ or the vein of the love.

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So, women wearing a ring on the left finger became a symbol of the heart. And it shows the love between married couples. Some countries wear the ring on the right, but here in the US, people wear it on the left finger itself.

3 – Psychology behind the Ring

Human psychology states that humans have six needs to thrive, and those are – certainty, love, growth, contribution, variety, and significance. The diamond engagement ring has a significant psychological and emotional impact on the lives of the couple.

When you marry someone for life, you wear the ring, and it gives the feeling of certainty. A committed relationship or marriage means security, and the engagement ring symbolizes the same.

4 – Tradition

Regardless of the place of the proposal, the timing, the persons, the gender, or anything else, the only necessary thing to propose someone is a ring. Your loved one may not need a super expensive ring to say ‘yes,’ but a proposal is indeed incomplete without the ring.

The tradition of proposing your partner with a diamond engagement ring is deeply rooted, and it’s just not fulfilling to do it any other way. The engagement and the ring are like the two sides of a coin and made for each other.

On A Final Note

Those were the factors that explain the importance of the engagement rings. The symbolism of the circle shape and left ring finger has a deep meaning behind it. Your engagement also signals a secure relationship and sign of eternal love.