When it comes to hair, people can be very emotional when having too much or too little where they want it. Often, it seems like it has a mind of its own. On the surface, it may seem like an excess of hair is purely a cosmetic issue, but it affects a person’s life in many ways, impairing confidence, leaving some vulnerable to bullying or abuse, and even leading to missed opportunities. The standard for most people in getting rid of unwanted hair is shaving, but often that is not enough. Sometimes hairs begin to curl even before they exit the follicle, leading to a larger risk of cuts and infection, particularly in black and other persons of color. One solution is to try laser hair removal from Ideal Image.

What Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Does

Ideal Image is the leading company in North America for providing a variety of aesthetic services, including CoolSculpting body fat removal, Botox injections, Ultratherapy Skin Lifting, as well as Laser Hair Removal. While we are not the only source for hair removal, we do offer the most experience with more than thirteen years under our belt. Our services are also fully backed by the FDA and are administered by our skilled medical staff for excellent results and extreme mindfulness of safety.

Unlike shaving or waxing, Laser Hair Removal from Ideal Image is not a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It doesn’t lead to a repeated risk of cuts, burns, and infection because it gets rid of hair permanently by destroying hair follicles beneath the skin so the hair doesn’t grow back. What’s left behind is smooth skin that leads to raving client reviews and customer testimonials.

Ideal Image Reviews and Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Stands Out From the Competition

Not everyone who has tried Laser Hair Removal gets the results they want right away. One customer received a referral from a coworker after unsatisfying results at another laser hair removal service in Charlotte, NC. After going to Ideal Image, she declared, “You get what you pay for…if only I had chosen them first, I would have saved so much money and time… It’s been two years now, and I haven’t shaved or had any ingrown hair. My husband loves it!” – Nguyen.

Ideal Image Cares About Your Safety

  1. Smith, who visited the Rochester location, shared a review that the location did an excellent job of putting the customer’s safety first, especially when it came to practicing Covid-19 protocols. She says, “The Ideal Image representative who conducted my laser treatment…was knowledgeable, professional, and very skilled with the hair removal process.” She also mentions that the customer service skills of the front-end representatives were unmatched.

A Life-Changing Experience

For many people, getting Laser Hair Removal is a matter of convenience. It means not having to keep up with shaving or having the freedom to jump in the pool with the kids without feeling self-conscious. But many simply have more hair than the average person, and that hair can cause physical and psychological pain. Clients have reported back hair that is painful as it presses through clothing, and medical conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which results in coarse body hair on the legs and face. These issues lead to major obstacles, but with proper laser hair removal performed by knowledgeable and caring professionals, these individuals have been able to open up a new and better chapter in their lives with newfound confidence.