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Choosing a wedding dress not only for your liking but also for your figure is a very important task. After all, you have to become the center of attention on this solemn day.

Princess silhouette

The first pick by a bride out of all wedding dresses! A corset bodice and a full skirt are and remain a wedding classic for all time. Therefore, no wedding designer has ever dared to declare such a dress overboard; it always has a place among the basic models.

Special requirements: despite the obvious and understandable silhouette structure, the dress for the princess has a number of requirements for the figure and, above all, for growth. On the one hand, a cut-off waistline, it would seem, should increase growth, but a fluffy skirt negates this effect. Therefore, growth should be medium or high. If you are petite and want just such a dress, you can get out of the situation by wearing heels, but you have to spend the whole evening in them, so maybe you should choose not a hairpin, but a more stable option. A bonus tip: the hips in the princess dress can be of any size.

Mermaid silhouette

Dossier: the “mermaid” dress is one of the most spectacular and most demanding models. This dress is in a figure that fits tightly on the hips and tapers a little to the knees, and then the fun begins – the bottom of the skirt expands and flares, forming an inverted bell and somewhat resembles a tail, which is why, in fact, this model is called the “mermaid” “Or” fish. “

Special requirements: for the skirt of this model, the hips should neither be full nor thin, but ideal. On the one hand, a hip that is too straight and buttocks flattened in the profile will immediately give the effect of “absence”. Moreover, lush hips, on the contrary, will add weight to the whole figure. Again, get ready to walk in high heels again all evening – legs may appear shorter due to the accentuated thigh line.


Dossier: presenting this model is not difficult: a noticeable fit in the chest and waist from the hip area begins to weaken. The skirt gradually extends downward without sharp fluctuations in width and volume. Traditionally, the A-silhouette is considered classic and almost win-win. In addition, such universality does not depend on the fabric in which the dress is made – it looks equally good both in lace and in dense texture.

Special requirements: as usual, the A-silhouette dress draws the hip zone as delicately as possible while emphasizing the waist. If there is some additional emphasis on the waist, for example, a ribbon or a cut line (in models detachable by the waist), then the same technique visually lengthens the legs and does not change the proportion of growth. Therefore, changing shoes in the process of celebration from beautiful to comfortable can be done without problems.

Greek silhouette

Dossier: among the emphasized elegant wedding fashion models, the Greek silhouette of dresses always stands in place of pride. A shortened bodice and a section under the chest make of the brides of the ancient goddesses of Olympus. It was the associative connection with Hellas and the robes of her beautiful divas that gave the name to the dress model. In addition, such silhouettes enjoyed unprecedented success among the Hollywood divas in the Golden Age of the Dream Factory.

Special requirements: due to the waistline shifted above the norm, the legs in the Greek dress look indecently long and the height seems to be higher. The pluses of the dress do not end there: the moderate volume of the skirt perfectly hides too straight and too steep hips. However, this model also has limitations. They relate to the line of the shoulder and bust. Before choosing a Greek dress, make sure that your shoulders are not too wide, your chest is not too big, and your overall figure is not large. Otherwise, all additional volumes will only increase and create disharmony.

Carmen silhouette

No, it is not red and not polka-dotted. If you look at the “carmen” dress in the context of wedding fashion, it, of course, will be more solemn and strict: shuttlecocks on it are optional, but the shoulder area will certainly remain open. The shape of the dress is somewhat reminiscent of a “mermaid”, only with a free design of the hips.

Special requirements: this option will greatly help those who stare at the mermaid dress, but want a looser fit. The only thing you should not forget is the shoulders. Think about whether you can fit such a silhouette in the literal sense. However, recently, designers began to deviate from the rules in our favor, and now there are models on wide straps, they just visually narrow the shoulders. Great news for beautiful brides!

Which wedding dress for which morphology?

Just like clothes, choosing your wedding dress according to your morphology is essential to enhance your figure. This allows to highlight its natural assets and to hide certain faults. Feeling good in your wedding dress is therefore essential to boost your self-confidence so that this beautiful wedding day remains an unforgettable memory.

Whether you have wide or narrow hips, square or thin shoulders, consult our “special wedding” guide to find the wedding dress that suits your figure.

If you are not sure of your morphology, take the morpho test!

Which wedding dress to choose for my figure?

What styles of wedding dresses for X-shaped?

With your figure, you can succumb to all types of wedding dresses: strapless dress, sheath dress, mermaid dress… Choose well-fitting and curved models that mark your waist and highlight your curves. On the other hand, avoid dresses that hide all your shapes like empire dresses and those that are marked at the hips like Charleston wedding dresses.

What styles of wedding dresses for H-shaped?

Low waist dresses marked at the hips will enhance your body. Halter dresses or those with an asymmetrical corset or a fancy bustier will feminize your figure. To compensate for the lack of forms, bet on wispy stockings, frills, tulle, and superimposition of materials… On the other hand, banish the dresses that mark the size and those tight.

What styles of wedding dresses for O body shapes?

Fluid and sober wedding dresses will be ideal to enhance your figure. The empire or flared shapes allow camouflage of the curves at the belly and hips. Enhance your chest with a pretty V-neck or heart. Moreover, if you find that your arms are too round, think of a stole, the lace bolero or the sleeves ¾. However, avoid dresses with patterns or with a long train.

What styles of wedding dresses for V-shaped?

Short, asymmetrical or split dresses will be perfect to highlight your beautiful legs. To hide your broad shoulders, choose dresses with thick straps or sleeves. You can also opt for a bustier decorated with a bolero or a stole in a fluid material. On the other hand, banish the boat neck dresses that widen the bust.

What styles of wedding dresses for body shapes in A?

Your goal: find a dress that will bring volume to your bust and hide your wide hips. For this, opt for dresses with a fitted top, marked at the waist, and a flared bottom. Reserve the fantasies for the bustier: thin straps, V-neck, small ruffled sleeves, lace, and other ornaments. The petticoat, on the other hand, should be sober and plain. What to avoid tight dresses and sheath dresses. You should also browse and learn more about how to choose a wedding dress to get your dream dress.


Your morphology allows you a wide choice of wedding dresses. We favor an unstructured and asymmetrical fitted dress. We can also fall for the sheath dress which marks the waist well and which gives a sexy and very glamorous look. A bustier or a tired corset will highlight your bust. On the other hand, avoid excessively voluminous dresses that would not enhance your forms.