We usually talk about decluttering our living space to learn how to live with less. But in 2014, the fashion world was taken by a storm with the concept of decluttering your wardrobe by creating a capsule wardrobe. Designed to help you stress less when you stare at your overflowing closet, not knowing what to wear, a capsule also lets you live easier and wear your favorite outfits every day. And that’s probably the reason why you’re here today. So, without further ado, let’s go through the steps of making your own wardrobe capsule.

Know why you’re doing this

Sit in front of your open closet and take a good hard look at it. Saying goodbye to clothing we’ve had for so long, and made memories in, isn’t going to be easy. Which is why you need to be absolutely certain why you’re doing this. Is it to finally nail down a fashion style of your own (because it’s easier when you have fewer pieces to work with)? Or to finally not spend 20 minutes just picking out the shoes that will go with that top? Keep that reason as a guideline to repeat yourself when you start sorting clothes.

Decide on a set number of pieces

When Caroline Rector started the trend, she stuck to 37 items. Other bloggers go for the magical number of 33. If you don’t have a set figure, try to keep it under 50 items. And if your closet doesn’t store as many items – all the better! Having fewer clothing items will actually help you coordinate your outfits better. You’ll be able to actually develop a style of your own. After a while, the smaller number will seep into your everyday life, and you’ll be wiser about your shopping trips.

Get into the right mindset

The idea is to keep this project fun. Yes, you read that right – fun. As you start to take out all of your clothing and sprawl it across the room, try to remember that a capsule is a personal challenge. The process is intended to let you learn more about yourself, the kind of person you are, and the person you want to be. Open up some snacks, a can of beer, or pour some wine. Get your favorite music going, maybe even invite a friend over. Have fun!

Start piling

Once the mood is set, and you have your mantra ready to filter out the clothes, it’s time to start separating that pile of fabric you’re standing in. Make four piles – keep, maybe, donate and trash. Try to go back every few minutes to see if an item really belongs there. Consider if you’ll wear it in the next three to six months. The same goes for shoes. Three types of footwear are enough – heels, flats, and walking shoes. You can go for Nike or Adidas sneakers, and comfy and lightweight Palmaira sandals for a summery feel that completes any outfit.

Cheat a little

Now, we’re only human. Just because you limited yourself to a certain number, doesn’t mean you can’t keep an extra item or two you’re undecided about. What’s more, it’ll become easier to know whether you want to keep them as soon as you put them in the capsule. Chances are, you’ll find new excuses why you don’t want to wear them that day. Also, don’t throw out or donate immediately. Keep the clothes in a box and stash it away. See if you miss any of the pieces the following month. If nothing changes, get rid of them.

Last thoughts

Women have the tendency to be hoarders. We relish in owning so much clothing, in dressing ourselves up like real live dolls. That is usually when the problems start. It makes us lose touch with what we really need, and what ultimately reflects our personalities and style. A wardrobe capsule is a great way to let your true style shine, and alleviate the stress of a cluttered, hoarded closet.