The drugs and alcohol that you are consuming every day will wreak havoc on your diet and eating habits.  You could have no appetite at all, and this will cause you problems because. You just cannot keep your body healthy.  You have to be sure that you have taken a look at what would be the best course of action when you are addicted because this might include a complete change to your diet and exercise routine.  This might also be the things that shows you that you have a real problem.

  1. You Lose Your Appetite

Most people who go to will not have an appetite, and that will be a very big problem for them because they are asked to eat three meals a day.  They need to detox so that they can start to eat again, and you might think that you have a problem when you do not have an appetite.  Someone who does not have an appetite might give themselves away because their friends might be suspicious that they are addicted already.

  1. Rapid Weight Loss

You could lose a lot of weight really fat.  This is a very important thing for you to be aware of because it might show you that you have a problem with your addiction that cannot be solved any other way.  If you cannot stop your weight loss, you need to do something that is going to help you recover, and that might include going to rehab.  In fact, gaining weight could be a part of your plan to change your life and get out of rehab.

  1. You Damage Your Stomach and Esophagus

You will probably damage both your stomach and esophagus when you are using drugs or drinking all the time.  There are a lot of people who are going to need to repair their body by getting extra treatment, and that is another reason to go to rehab.  This could be the only place where you will get diagnosed with the damage that the substances have done to your body, and you have to be sure that you have worked with a doctor if you think that you need medication.

  1. Muscles Weaken

You are not eating, and you are dehydrated when you are using drugs and alcohol all the time.  The person who has done this to their body is going to find that their muscles weaken.  Someone who has problems with weak muscles cannot function as well, and it is much harder for them to recover because their body is not strong enough to do so.  If you start to feel that you have motor skill problems, this would be a very good reason to go to rehab.

You need to do something to get into rehab and change your life as soon as possible. Someone who has no appetite or is losing weight needs to take quick action because this is a very unsafe condition that is very hard to repair.