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A must-have ultimate piece of beauty iconography and the most secret weapon of every modern woman is a lipstick. It is an essential part of every make-up as it adds a sparkle to every outfit and accentuates the facial features. Endless options available worldwide might give you a tough time choosing the perfect shade that will nicely match your complexion and appearance.  This season, versatile lipstick color trends will give you that perfect pop of color you have been looking for. From mesmerizing bright red and beautiful pink-coral to dark deep-berry and metallic and glitter lipstick, there is a wide range of inspiring new colors that are perfect for any occasion. Here is a list of lipstick colors trending this season that you will instantly fall in love with and surely wear most of this season.

Dark Lipstick

Dark Lipstick 2

One of the most flattering hues of this season is unquestionably dark burgundy. It is almost everywhere on the runways ranging from deep berry on a Givenchy show to a Gothic, underground look showcased on a Marc Jacobs show. The most effective and maybe the biggest surprise of the 2017 lipstick trends is rouge-noir lips introduced by some of the leading fashion designers. Also, dark moody lips with stained ombré finish create a unique vamp look and they are definitely a top trend contender.

Nude Lipstick

Nude Lipstick

If you want to keep things natural, try various tones of nudes. While this eye-catching trend looks divine when worn with smoky eyes at parties and glamorous events, it is a perfect choice when it comes to more formal occasions or business-like outfits. There are endless options of nude to choose from, and they were most dominant on the shows of Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel.  Valentino and Balmain wanted to achieve even more natural look by not putting anything to the lips or a just a little lip gloss. It creates a lovely, clean and ultimately sophisticated look.

Coral Tones

Coral Tones

All hues of pink, from strikingly hot pink to fiercely feminine fuchsia, are more than welcome this season. Whether it is a soft, dusty shade noticed at a Dolce and Gabbana show celebrating youthfulness and innocence or a fluorescent coral tone that will make you stand out from the crowd, you should find the right hue to complement your complexion. Also, fuchsia color has caught an eye of many make-up artists and fashion designers this year. However, this bold color can be worn only by women who wish to experiment with colors.

Snow White Apple Red Lipstick


While a classic red lipstick is timeless and simply never goes out of style, this year it will sweep you off your feet with its bold breathtaking bright hue. Whether you opt for a bright or matte red, it will add a finishing touch to any possible outfit and, most importantly, it can be worn all year around. Not only is it a perfect option for a night-out, but it will most definitely make a fashion statement regardless of the place where you are. If you want to achieve a flawless look and apply lipstick with utter precision without making smudges, it is advisable to use a nude pencil for countering the lips. Naturally, applying it perfectly is not enough for an impeccable look. Do not forget to check your teeth and gums as they are crucial for a dazzling smile. If you are not satisfied with the general appearance of your teeth, you can always undergo an orthodontic treatment and have one of those helpful invisible braces.

Metallic Lipstick


Instead of wearing basic and boring shades, show some creativity and boldness and invest in undoubtedly one of the top badass trendy lipsticks that rules the runways this season – a metallic lipstick. It will add to an extravagant look and you will have all eyes on you. It is really a bold statement and requires careful application.